16:12 GMT30 May 2020
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    Caught Up in the COVID-19 Pandemic: People Talk About How Their Daily Lives Have Changed (6)
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    Greece has imposed a lockdown to contain the spread of the new coronavirus that has infected at least 901,759 globally. Sputnik spoke to 32-year-old Greek journalist Danai Maragoudaki and asked her how she is holding up in self-isolation.

    Maragoudaki has described in an interview with Sputnik how the quarantine measures have changed everything for her, as she, first of all, works from home and secondly she is not able to do most of the things she used to do few weeks ago, like going out and meeting her friends. 

    Sputnik: Do you go out and if so - how often and for what? 

    Danai Maragoudaki: Right now there is a lockdown in Greece so going out is for whoever goes to their workplace, shopping for food or medicine, visiting a doctor or pharmacy, taking brief exercise or walking a pet. I go out about two times a week, either to go to the super market or the groceries. 

    Sputnik: Are there any legal fines for breaking the quarantine rules? 

    Danai Maragoudaki: Yes, any violation of the government rules will carry a €150 fine. A lot of people have found themselves with a lot of extra free time. 

    Sputnik: What are you doing while social-distancing at home? 

    Danai Maragoudaki: As I said I still work from home and for journalists this period is even more heavy from a work load perspective. So in my free time, I mostly read books, I watch movies, I sometimes do exercises. 

    Danai Maragoudaki's room
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    Danai Maragoudaki's room

    Before quarantine we used to spend a lot of time online and with gadgets. But now we’re stuck with the web at home and people are now realising that wasting so much time online is devastating and are turning to new things to entertain or educate themselves.

    Sputnik: What about you? Have you started doing any new or unusual things? 

    Danai Maragoudaki: I spend more time in the rooftop of the building I live in, in order to get some air. Apart from that I really enjoy the time to read my books.

    Sputnik: We are also facing the fact that when staying at home, we tend to eat a lot and not move a lot. How are you trying to keep in shape? Do you do sports? 

    Danai Maragoudaki: I started exercising at home and honestly I eat less than before the quarantine. Plus I cook more often which means I eat more healthy food. 

    Danai Maragoudaki's kitchen
    © Sputnik /
    Danai Maragoudaki's kitchen

    Sputnik: How hard is it to go without real-life communication with your friends, family and colleagues? 

    Danai Maragoudaki: That is the most difficult thing (emotionally speaking) and even if we have phones or online applications nothing can replace real-life contact. Plus, it is even harder for people living alone or who have relatives in another city.

    Sputnik: Are you living alone or with your family and friends? How are you coping with staying with someone 24/7? 

    Danai Maragoudaki: I have a room-mate and we try to give each other space in order not to suffocate. However we consider ourselves lucky to have each other in such a strange and unknown situation.

    Caught Up in the COVID-19 Pandemic: People Talk About How Their Daily Lives Have Changed (6)
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