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    Czech Party: 'Only Way' to Become 'Independent and Free' Again is to Exit EU

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    European Parliament Elections 2019 (33)

    According to the Independence Party of the Czech Republic (SNCR), the only way for their country to become "independent and free" again is to withdraw from the European Union. The SNCR elaborated on the consequences of Brussels' decision-making for the Czech Republic and explained what the party stands for ahead of the upcoming EU Parliament vote.

    Sputnik: The motto of the SNCR party is “to bring the Czech Republic back home from Brussels' and make it an independent, confident and free country to be proud of”. Could you explain in more detail what the SNCR’s biggest concern about Brussels' pressure on the Czech Republic is?

    SNCR: The very existence of a possibility of taking majority votes on the destiny of the Czech Republic and lives of its citizens is unacceptable for SNCR. This was made possible by the Treaty of Lisbon that has been ratified without referendums in respective member states. This is what we consider the greatest political fraud on citizens of the respective member states in the modern history of Europe. This is what matters us, this is what we refuse. The policies of a country should be determined by its citizens and politicians chosen in elections. Any reform of the EU in this direction is impossible. It would have to be unanimously accepted by all member states. And this simply won't happen.

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    Sputnik: In your opinion, what are the most positive and negative consequences for the Czech Republic of joining the European Union?

    SNCR: We do not find any such fundamental positives that would outweigh the consequences of ever smaller civil liberties and the absence of the independence and sovereignty of the Czech Republic. The original project of the four fundamental freedoms has turned into an absurd form and can no longer be corrected. Central economic planning and the management of people's lives have exceeded an acceptable threshold. The EU is a socialist project and we have experienced such a period before 1989. We do not want it again.

    Sputnik: According to the SNCR party's agenda, what are the most important steps that should be taken to make the Czech Republic an ”independent, confident and free country” again? 

    SNCR: There is the only one way. It is the withdrawal of the Czech Republic from the European Union. No other procedure will return our country to independence, sovereignty and freedom. Anyone who says something else in this context and claims that this can be achieved by some EU reform, either does not know what he is talking about or is telling lies to the people.

    Can your goals be achieved with Czech membership in the European Union? Could you explain your opinion?

    SNCR: No, they cannot. The Czech Republic lost its veto power after the Treaty of Lisbon. Citizens of other countries cast their votes on us and politicians beyond our borders make decisions on us. Freedom and independence cannot exist only in part; freedom and independence either exist or do not exist.

    Sputnik: Could you describe what sort of European Union you’d like to see (for the Czech Republic to remain) or is the SNCRP party against all forms of this bloc?

    SNCR: The only right way is a cooperation of sovereign national states based on free and mutually beneficial agreements. We want to cooperate and trade with all countries in the world. We want to trade with Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the US and other countries, but also with Russia and China, without anyone interfering. Citizens of the Czech Republic were the role models in many areas. The European Union is holding us back.

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    Sputnik: What level of success does the SNCR party expect/predict to achieve in the upcoming EU elections?  

    SNCR: We are participating in the European Parliament elections for the first time. I will wait with the assessment to the time when I see the results. What I know for sure is that we are only at the beginning of our journey to independence and the very next day after the European Parliament elections are over, we will begin preparations for the elections to the Parliament of the Czech Republic that will take place in 2021. Winning seats in our national parliament is the key to secure withdrawal from the EU.

    Sputnik: We see that right-wing parties are growing in popularity across the European Union. What do you attribute this to?

    SNCR: It is a logical consequence of wrong moves of left-wing parties. The people now see that their freedoms are vanishing before their eyes. The popularity of right-wing parties is logical, justified, and right.

    Sputnik: What are your predictions for the future of the Czech Republic, both politically and economically, regardless of the election results?

    SNCR: The Czech Republic always has been, is and will be the heart of Europe. We have survived Nazism; we have survived Communism; we will survive even the socialistic EU. Despite our membership in the EU, the Czech Republic is one of the most secure countries in the world. In comparison with others, we also have very low unemployment rate and lower public debt. The people here are clever and hard-working. We are looking forward to the moment when the Czech Republic withdraws from the European Union and makes use of all the possibilities at full throttle.

    The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    European Parliament Elections 2019 (33)


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