• Kaliningrad in facts and figures
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    10:00 28.05.2018
  • Volgograd in facts and figures
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    09:49 28.05.2018
  • Samara in facts and figures
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    09:24 28.05.2018
  • Saransk in facts and figures
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    08:17 28.05.2018
  • Best Strikers in History of World Cup Championships
    Last update: 09:22 17.05.2018
    09:22 17.05.2018

    Best Strikers in the History of the Football World Cup

    A great many talented strikers have participated in these tournaments, but only seven of them have managed to score more than 10 goals during the World Championship.

  • Picture
    Last update: 14:57 10.04.2018
    14:57 10.04.2018
  • Zabivaka's Ancestors: The Evolution of World Cup Mascots
    Last update: 12:14 05.04.2018
    12:14 05.04.2018

    Zabivaka's Ancestors: The Evolution of World Cup Mascots

    FIFA World Cup championships have presented different mascots: most of them embody animals which embody the character of the host country, but there are also symbolic persons and even inanimate objects.

  • Countries that have expelled Russian diplomats
    Last update: 14:15 28.03.2018
    14:15 28.03.2018

    From the US to Luxembourg: Who Declared Russian Diplomats Personae Non Gratae

    Nearly 30 countries have announced they were expelling Russian diplomats "in solidarity" with Britain's stance in the Skripal case. The majority of those countries are members of the European Union. The United States ordered 60 Russian diplomats to leave while some, like Luxembourg, limited themselves to a single person.

    Alleged Poisoning Attack on Russian Ex-Spy Skripal in UK
  • Eastern Ghouta
    Last update: 16:34 19.03.2018
    16:34 19.03.2018

    Eastern Ghouta in Details

    Tens of thousands of civilians have already left Eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held Damascus suburb, through humanitarian corridors organized by Syria and Russia. At the same time, the country's armed forces are continuing to liberate the area from terrorists.

  • 2018 Russian Presidential Election
    Last update: 10:45 16.03.2018
    10:45 16.03.2018

    2018 Russian Presidential Election

    Only three days are left until Sunday, when Russians will go to the polls and cast their ballots in the forthcoming presidential election, choosing the name of the person who will govern the country for the next six years.

  • Turkish Operation in Afrin
    Last update: 17:15 15.03.2018
    17:15 15.03.2018

    Turkish Operation Olive Branch in Syria's Afrin: Facts and Figures

    On January 20, Ankara, jointly with forces from the opposition Free Syrian Army, launched Operation Olive Branch in Afrin in order to "clear" Turkey's border with Syria of the terrorist threat.

  • Improvement of the Russian Armed Forces
    Last update: 22:59 02.03.2018
    22:59 02.03.2018

    Russian Armed Forces: Today and Tomorrow

    The combat capability of the Russian Armed Forces has notably improved over the past few years. Great strides have been taken to build up the country's ground forces and navy, as well as to develop new types of arms, including hypersonic gliders and laser weapons.

  • Approval Ratings of Presidential Candidates
    Last update: 12:00 28.02.2018
    12:00 28.02.2018

    Public Opinion: Who is the Most Popular Presidential Candidate in Russia

    The Russian presidential election will be held on March 18, while the pre-election campaign officially kicked off on December 18, 2017.

  • Munich Security Conference
    Last update: 23:29 16.02.2018
    23:29 16.02.2018

    Munich Security Conference

    Germany hosts the 54th Munich Security Conference on February 16-18, featuring top political figures and security experts from all over the world.

  • Most Dangerous Missiles in the World
    Last update: 21:23 29.01.2018
    21:23 29.01.2018
  • The World Economic Forum
    Last update: 22:52 23.01.2018
    22:52 23.01.2018

    The World Economic Forum

    The World Economic Forum is a non-governmental organization, traditionally holding annual conferences in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos.

  • The first year of President Trump
    Last update: 21:30 23.01.2018
    21:30 23.01.2018

    Trump's First Year as President

    The first year of Donald Trump's presidency ended on January 20. It is high time to draw the first conclusions and review which of his numerous campaign pledges he has succeeded in delivering over this period.

  • Blockchain in 2017
    Last update: 14:30 01.01.2018
    14:30 01.01.2018

    All You Need to Know About Blockchain in 2017

    The year 2017 saw the notions of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and the like dominate the global media. A large part of the digitalized world, has felt its breath taken away by the tumultuous vibes of cryptocurrencies.

  • Syria: The Road to Victory
    Last update: 15:28 29.12.2017
    15:28 29.12.2017

    Syria: the Road to Victory

    The Russian campaign in Syria began on September 30, 2015, when the country was on the brink of falling prey to terrorists once and for all, and ended on December 11, 2017, with order restored, Daesh defeated, and peace finally in sight.

  • Lebanon
    Last update: 21:01 13.12.2017
    21:01 13.12.2017

    Lebanon: The Balance of Military and Political Power

    The Republic of Lebanon, which borders Syria and Israel, gained independence in 1947 from France and has since faced a rash of political and military conflicts.