• Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    Last update: 20:50 13.12.2017
    20:50 13.12.2017

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    On December 6, US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital despite international pressure. The decision triggered bloody clashes in Israel, mass protests all over the world and even prompted Hamas to declare the beginning of the third Intifada, that is, struggle of Arabs (mainly in Palestine) against the Jewish state.

    Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli Capital: Consequences
  • Sanctions
    Last update: 11:11 17.11.2017
    11:11 17.11.2017

    How Anti-Russia Sanctions Affect Global Trade

    Three years have passed since the US and the EU decided to impose sanctions on Russia over its alleged involvement in the Ukraine conflict. Russia has repeatedly denied the accusations.

  • Afghan security forces keep watch at the site of an attack in Kabul, Afghanistan
    Last update: 21:25 10.11.2017
    21:25 10.11.2017

    Afghanistan After ISAF Deployment, 2001-2017

    The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission was established by the United Nations Security Council and headed by NATO in December 2001. The initiative was aimed at training Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and rebuilding state institutions. It also participated in the war against the Taliban.

  • 2017 APEC Forum
    Last update: 12:43 09.11.2017
    12:43 09.11.2017

    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum

    The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum was established in 1989. Uniting the representatives of 21 Pacific Rim economies, it has served as one of the leading global platforms for discussing the issues of economic growth, trade, investment and international cooperation.

  • Syria in facts and figures
    Last update: 20:00 08.11.2017
    20:00 08.11.2017

    Syria Before and After the Conflict Began

    Syria has been engulfed in civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting numerous opposition factions and terrorist groups. The international community has taken a number of steps aimed at settling the crisis, including through talks in Geneva and Astana.

  • Hydrogen Bomb
    Last update: 17:11 07.11.2017
    17:11 07.11.2017

    Ivy Mike: First US Test of Thermonuclear Bomb

    The first full-scale test of a thermonuclear device in the US on November 1, 1952, was codenamed Ivy Mike.

  • Terrorist attack in New York
    Last update: 20:14 01.11.2017
    20:14 01.11.2017

    Truck Attack in New York City

    A 29-year-old Uzbek national used a truck to ram into people in New York on Tuesday. At least eight persons lost their lives. The authorities are treating the incident as a terrorist attack. It has become one of the deadliest on US soil since 2010.

    New York Truck Attack
  • Black Sea
    Last update: 20:05 31.10.2017
    20:05 31.10.2017

    Pearl of the South: The Black Sea

    The International Black Sea Day is being celebrated in Russia on October 31.

  • Decisive battle for Syria
    Last update: 21:37 27.10.2017
    21:37 27.10.2017

    Decisive Battle for Syria: The Liberation of Deir ez-Zor

    In summer 2017, the Syrian Army started an offensive toward Deir ez-Zor province, which had become a Daesh stronghold after the terrorists lost ground in Palmyra and the western part of the country. Government troops, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, managed to break the siege of the city of Deir ez-Zor.

  • Range of DPRK missiles
    Last update: 20:00 24.10.2017
    20:00 24.10.2017

    North Korea's Missiles: Range, Types and History

    The North Korean crisis shows no signs of abating - months are passing with Pyongyang threatening its foes with a nuclear club, Washington responding with stern statements and drills and all North Korea's neighbors being alarmed by the possibility of an atomic Armageddon at their threshold.

  • Libya: Before and After Gaddafi
    Last update: 20:30 23.10.2017
    20:30 23.10.2017

    Libya: Before and After Gaddafi

    A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011.

  • October 13, 2017: Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria Operation Results
    Last update: 19:07 16.10.2017
    19:07 16.10.2017

    Russian Campaign in Syria: More Than 92% Free From Terrorists

    By mid-October, the Russian campaign in Syria had resulted in more than 92 percent of the country's territory being liberated from terrorists.

  • The Confrontation Between Madrid and Barcelona
    Last update: 21:22 10.10.2017
    21:22 10.10.2017

    The Confrontation Between Madrid and Barcelona

    The Catalans voted for independence from Spain on October 1 at a referendum. Following the historic result of the voting, Catalonia's leader Carles Puigdemont said on October 10 he wanted to follow the people's will for Catalonia to become a sovereign state.

  • Crash of Russian Su-24 Warplane in Syria
    Last update: 21:06 10.10.2017
    21:06 10.10.2017

    Crash of Russian Su-24 Warplane in Syria

    On October 10, a Su-24 strike aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces crashed during take-off at the Hmeymim airbase in Syria.

  • Satellites
    Last update: 13:01 07.10.2017
    13:01 07.10.2017

    Satellites: 60 Years in Orbit

    On October 4, 1957 the first artificial object made from terrestrial materials - the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik-1 - was launched into space. The satellite was deployed in low orbit and continued to broadcast a radio signal for 92 days. The age of space satellites had begun.

  • Two Years of Russian Military Operation in Syria
    Last update: 08:00 30.09.2017
    08:00 30.09.2017

    Russian Aerospace Forces' Ongoing Two-Year Operation in Syria

    Moscow has been carrying out a military operation against terrorists groups in Syria since September 30, 2015, when President Bashar Assad requested Russia's assistance.

    Russia's Operation in Syria: Two Years On
  • German federal election results
    Last update: 13:11 26.09.2017
    13:11 26.09.2017

    2017 German Federal Election Results

    Germany held a general election on Sunday to choose the members of the new, 709-seat parliament, after which a government will be formed and a chancellor elected.

  • German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier casts his vote on election day in Berlin, Germany September 24, 2017
    Last update: 20:30 24.09.2017
    20:30 24.09.2017

    #GermanyDecides: Results of Bundestag Election

    Germany held the general election on Sunday, after which a new government would be formed and a chancellor elected.

    General Election in Germany 2017
  • Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet
    Last update: 21:08 22.09.2017
    21:08 22.09.2017

    Atomic Might: Russia's Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet

    On September 22, Russia floated out the hull of its first serial universal nuclear-powered icebreaker Sibir, Project 22220 (LK-60Ya class).

  • Northern Sea Route
    Last update: 13:25 05.09.2017
    13:25 05.09.2017

    Russia's Alternative to Suez Canal: Northern Sea Route

    The Northern Sea Route which runs along the Russian Arctic Coast may become an alternative to the Suez Canal. Explore Sputnik infograpic to learn more.