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    Protests Against Donald Trump

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    Protests Against Donald Trump
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    A large number of protests occurred around the world after US President Donald Trump entered office.


    Hundreds Rally in DC to Protest Against Trump Pick for Education Chief
    Anti-Trump Protest Blocks Ambulance Carrying Critical Patient
    Around 3,000 Protest Trump's Policies Outside His Florida Estate
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      All I can say is I voted for him he is doing more than any other president. These protestors when interviewed don't know why they are there or asked questions if they agree with certain views many hold the same view as Trump . The left is on a witch hunt branding Trump as the devil. Why are people protesting around the world he isn't their president. Oh he wants to know who is coming in to his country. To those protestors here move to Canada or Mexico as it is so bad here then leave!! To other protestors around the world get a life don't worry about him protecting his country. There is a worldwide view some have where they feel the US is owned by everyone and anyone can move in and its their right. Sorry but you hate America so bad burn our flag speak of the evil nation or most evil country the world has ever seen.Then why would you want to come to the land of evil??? It is not you right to come here anymore than my right to say your govt. can't tell me where I can go. The evil US doesn't respect other countries borders no its the elite that can't.But no one respects ours as people from everywhere sneak in and some work others live on social programs. But to those who don't understand the basic concept of borders. The lawmakers of each country decide who and how many can in the their country no you. You believe in open borders well many don'ts. You think it is your right to come here because its a nation of emigrants so you are think we have no right to stop you but we can and will. No issues with people following the rules. Just because some of my ancestors came over 300 yrs. ago and fought wars against the British superpower and won twice,Canada attacked us ,Mexico started basically 3 wars by their govt. murdering Americans .They started the wars/ conflicts ,so we had to take Mexico city once, then Veracruz another a long time ago.Then Spain and many Indians were our friend, but evil on both sides as massacres most against whites,other Indians, black's. But we massacred them too and many died into the hundreds each massacres.Every Indian attack or massacre they scalp you ( cutting a circle to the skull around your head then pulling your scalp off by pulling your hair and it would just come right off, mostly while the was victim was still alive) then usually always scalp, kill ,or kidnap you this applied to men,women ,children,and babies. Bother sides did many evils. There were many Indian wars problem 30 -40? of them. We kept getting attacked by others nations but take some or all of their land to form this country.We took the land from the Indians, no many other countries mostly European ones took it.Then we took the first land we were living on from the British empire because they tried to confiscate the peoples guns igniting the revolution and 7-8 years later we finally drove them out and forming the US. But it was no easy times for those who worked to build this country as was probably the case for most nations.We let people in that are able to pass the requirements most can unless a career criminals, or may be here to get a free ride on social programs. But millions believe they can come by sneaking in and are treated better than legal immigrants or citizens. So because people don't understand they aren't entitled or owed the right to disrespect the laws thinking can come in. Trump has decided to not allow unknown people in and build a wall as this is a country that belongs to us not the world. We are the most hated country in the world ,much hate for doings of a handful yet all blamed. So why do people think and want to come to this evil nation a great Satan of the world?? Then many here illegally would jump or attack in mobs on whites because they may have voted Trump. Then seeing other videos of Trump supporters or suspected supporters being attacked by mobs of mostly illegal immigrants but others to that might be legal. So the flow will shut to a trickle. I voted Trump and welcome any person who has a problem to attack me as many are ready now to reeducate you. But people felling entitled to just walk in as if their right abusing the system trying to help many looking for a better life. As many are trying to feed their families but others are evil people or entitled who attack people for wearing a Trump hat. We have around 20million illegal people here now. A boat can only hold so many people before capsizing. So regardless of what the democraps tell you ,no its not your right or entitlement to just come in. They have ways for people to come in and live here as new Americas ,as most everyone believes people should be able to immigrant here.But this being a country just like the other 200+ have laws that they decide not you.As I don't tell other countries that I have a right to come in and they can do nothing. As If I entered Canada or Mexico illegally the last I read I would get 2yrs for going into either nation without permission. But the US being a land of immigrants does not mean anything but many in the past came here over time to build this country. It isn't a country belonging to everyone but to the citizens of the US. If you have a bad life or feel you want to live here don't pay someone many thousands to sneak you in just apply as we do want people coming here legally . But everything has got out of hand as some illegals come in and attack people because of who they voted for Trump.The same as the mobs of democraps and blacks jump people because hey that person is a hater,racist,anti- this,bigot,slob,out to get you. The dems have too much fake news and propaganda or lies to make others out to be demons ,Hitler ,and out to racist bigot or other witch hunts to damage those that oppose their views. But they need to make sure not to awaken the 100 million Trump supporters who will not be carrying protest signs as you ask for violence against us on tv .People are tired of these tactics of a group of cry babies, the call of violence on whites because they probably voted Trump or people with Trump clothes being pulled from their cars and beat. Keep it up as we will put a stop to the hate and calls for violence against people for voting. Many areas if someone pull you from your car it is legal to gun them down as the same in some uninvited house burglar or unknown person. Many Trump people are now ready to take on a whole mob. But Trump will build a wall and set into place a new system to allow people to come in and know who they are.But a president who is the leader of the this country will do as said and control who comes in as he doing his job.Others that don't live here don't have a say who comes in his country. I don't know how to explain to people it is not a right or world entitlement to just come in while telling the citizens and President we don't have a right to control who comes here. Too many people like 20 million illegals also many criminals,drugs, people flooding the hospitals for free medical care or that the citizens pick up the bill , where the others are now people being beat by mobs of foreigners here in their own country for voting for someone the foreigners don't like has ruined it for others. So many feel its time to shut the doors which is our right not those protestors that don't even know why they protesting or that think the US is public property. I can't understand as we are evil and hated by most even some we helped in the past, yet people want to come to the land of evil and all US people are children of Satan. I would suggest the Mexican military buy some GPS units as having a foreign military pointing machine guns at border patrol or citizens is frowned upon. This has become normal and very often might be accident althouth. We know you are doing this but its not reported much on the news but it is some. Be careful as accidents happen but if on purpose be careful and know in many areas citizens are allowed to use deadly force if someone points a gun at them. Many states have laws protecting citizens if they kill someone who threatening their life with a deadly weapon. So try to keep the guns pointing at the ground not at US citizens if you cross the border.Down there might be ok as citizens are unarmed ,but up here citizens have same weapons or other military weapons some with night vision ,Also the law up here its not a crime to protect yourself but some states consider it as justified as the laws are to protect the one who finds it necessary to use deadly force to prevent kidnapping,, fear of your life as pointing a gun in a hostile manner. But other issues with states mobilization of military and anyone armed as they can even declare war if a foreign military shows up in their state with unknown intentions although they probably wouldn't do those but Is within their right.Be careful because people don't like being held at gunpoint or treated bad and our laws are different when it comes to that or harassing women and children. But back to the subject why all these protest around the world as you can't change things and most hate us anyways then get fed propaganda by the Hillary supporters and everyone is mad but many couldn't give you an answer why they are protesting same in the US. I just don't know why anyone would care as it was their hero that came up with the flight ban Trump just figured if liberal Obama was that worried it might be a cause of concern and made sense as they need a system to know who is coming in as people promised to mix in with refugees or civilians to kill us . So he will decide as the left had a loser judge throw it out which was illegal on the judges part. But he just reworded it and so no win for the fringe elements on the left. But protest all you want over false information as most will just laugh at people protesting over fake news. Remember your country has a right to keep me and others out .The US is a country too and has a right to keep out people with bad intentions. So although people come in attack real citizens as many just can't understand they are not entitled to be here. There is no laws or rule saying you have a right here unless already a citizen. Sorry but 20 million illegals some even voting.Some violence for lots who voted Trump which may be a bad idea as Trump supporters have been awakened. But many illegals are good people and hard workers but a handful has screwed it up for everyone. If you want to move here do it legally as we don't mind immigrants as most are good people. But when others mess it up we can and will stop flights build walls even though some will still slip through. But these liberal protestors think they can tell us our immigration laws and national interests for safety you might should wake up as you don't decide the laws but our government and Trump were put into office by the people and yes popular vote too as 2 million dead voting with double registration and illegals signed up too adds up to rigging .But if you want to come live in the worlds most hated country then apply and you might get in.
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