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    Show Me the Money: A Closer Look at US Presidential Campaign Contributions

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    Show me the money
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    As the US presidential election looms closer, Sputnik decided to take a closer look at both candidates' campaign finances and to determine which industries favor Clinton and which would rather throw in their lot with Trump.


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    • seanrkearney
      As we are seeing this time around money can't buy me love....
    • support
      If the above figures are correct, Billary has 25 TIMES the cash on hand for her campaign than Mr. Trump yet as of this moment he has a 17-point lead in the polls.

      There is no substitute for character.
    • Anton KOMAROV
      Proving yet again that the fallacy of a free and fair election in the USA is a pipe dream!How can any indipendant stand for any level of office when the amounts spent by the administration's candidates is so enormous?There is no hope for this discredited system and the USA should stop touting it as an example of Democracy.If this is the example they hold up,no wonder most sane people around the globe reject it.Only by being a poodle of business,the military/industrial complex et al can one even hope to have a chance of being elected.
    • jas
      It's hilarious for Clinton to warn her voters that Trump is the one who may try to buy the election with special interest money. The numbers speak for themselves.
    • jasin reply toAnton KOMAROV(Show commentHide comment)
      Anton KOMAROV, Pessimism precedes defeat.
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