04:13 GMT22 June 2021
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    At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in India last year, Indian-Canadian actress Sunny Leone along with her husband, musician Daniel Weber, and their three children flew to Los Angeles in the US due to safety concerns. After six months, the couple returned to India post lockdown and resumed their work amid safety guidelines.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of millions of people due to staying in isolation away from family for months and the loss of loved ones to the coronavirus. Musician Daniel Weber, the husband of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, also experienced the same and has opened up about battling severe anxiety during the unprecedented times.

    “I have had a hundred moments of anxiety during the pandemic! My closest people became positive, sick, people I know were dying, there was anxiety about being confined at home, not seeing my family in New York for 17 months”, Daniel shared in an interview with the website ETimes.

    While a lot of people in India still shy away from talking about anxiety or seeking help for it due to the stigma of mental health, Daniel made it a point to open up about it. He emphasised that everybody has experienced anxiety in some way or another during the pandemic and it’s completely normal.

    “I’m no different from anybody else, I’m human and anyone who tells you that they have not faced any kind of anxiety during the pandemic is lying. It isn’t possible because this isn’t about the money and how well off you are, this is about survival. And people with the most amount of money still die”, he added.

    He made a conscious decision to create a light and fun atmosphere for his children at home so they don't feel like they are in isolation.

    “I do activities with them in the parking garage, and in different rooms of the house, I keep ordering stuff to keep them entertained and have several story sessions”, Daniel shared.

    To spread positivity among people, Daniel has started an online show, "Stories of Hope", on Instagram, bringing up inspiring stories of people helping each other get through tough times.


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