17:07 GMT19 April 2021
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    Sexual wellness products such as sex toys have been largely sold online in India and during the lockdown the sales of sex toys went up by 65 percent. Looking at the demand for such items, India's first legal sexual wellness store has been launched in the state of Goa.

    Netizens can't keep calm as the first legal sexual wellness shop "Kama Gizmos" has opened its doors in the Indian state of Goa.

    Until now, India lacked a legally compliant physical sexual wellness store causing people to rely on online stores to buy sex toys and wellness products.

    Nirav Mehta, the co-founder of the shop, tells Sputnik that the idea was to tap into the sexual wellness market and not make it look like any other kinky toy shop.

    "We didn't want to sell just the sex toys. It is supposed to be sold as a sexual wellness product. That's the whole vision. We want to tap the wellness market and not just the sex toy market. People are taking it in a different tangent but the idea was to not just open another store from Amsterdam. It was just another medically sexual wellness store where people can walk in and buy for themselves", Mehta tells Sputnik.
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    Netizens are lauding the initiative, saying that it's "about time" and "it's good to have it in India".

    One user wrote, "And I am so freaking excited with these new progressive thoughts put into action by such brave people", another commented, "That's one small step for Kama Gizmos, one giant leap for India".

    "This is the only happy [sex] thing in life so you are making others happy", wrote a third.

    While many shared that they "can't wait to visit Goa", another commented, "Imagine going there and you accidentally meet your relatives".

    One netizen said, "Finally people are going to ask for some other return gifts and not just alcohol from Goa".

    Another social media user wondered if he could "get any job in that shop".

    A section of social media also warned the founders of the sexual wellness shop of protests and attacks on their stores by the country's conservatives for "hurting religious sentiments" and "spoiling India's culture".

    "It will ruin our society which is already miserable", one wrote, while another commented, "Eagerly waiting for the day when a group of sanghis [supporters of RSS] will lynch the owner and burn down the shop to the ground".

    "We are taking every step in this very carefully and ensuring that we follow all the legal guidelines and make the shop look decent and not kinky or project women in a bad light. The shop doesn't look flashy, dingy, or obscene. As per Indian law, you can sell any [sex] product as long as it is not obscene", Mehta says.   


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