19:29 GMT05 March 2021
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    The Delhi Police had earlier given permission to protesting farmers to carry out their proposed tractor rally against new farm reforms by the Narendra Modi government.

    Indian farmer rallies during Republic Day have turned violent, with protesters and police filmed clashing, and officers reportedly using tear gas. Police used their batons to disperse the rallies, while some protesters were spotted wielding swords.

    Clashes in the capital and in other cities across the country erupted as Indians were celebrating the holiday, marking the 72nd anniversary of the day the Constitution of India came into effect.

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    • 18:19

      Red Fort Cleared of Farmers

    • 18:17

      BJP IT Head on Protests: It's Insurrection Against Democratically Elected Government

    • 16:28

      Police Cut Off Red Fort Power Supply to Clear it of Proteststers

    • 16:08

      One Indian Farmer Killed During Protests in New Delhi

      At least one protesting farmer has died and several police officers were injured during clashes in the Indian capital city of New Delhi, the police said on Tuesday.

    • 16:04

      Watch Horrible Clash Between Protesting Farmers and Police

      At least 41 cops have been injured after being attacked by protesting farmers at the Red Fort.

    • 14:48

      81 Law Enforcement Personnel Injured in New Delhi Rally

    • 14:34

      New Footage From the Farmers' Protests in Delhi

    • 14:20

      Haryana State Issues High Alert Following Delhi Protest

      Haryana state chief Manohar Lal Khattar has directed all Deputy Commissioners, Commissioners of Police, & Superintendents of Police to remain on 'high alert' to ensure law and order in the state.

    • 14:17

      US Embassy in New Delhi Issues Security Alert Amid Potential Clashes Between Farmers, Police

    • 13:44

      Farmers' Rally Greeted With Flowers in New Delhi

    • 13:16

      Indian Political Parties Condemn Farmers' Protest Rally Turning Violent in Delhi

      Farmers cross a barricade during a tractor rally to protest against farm laws on the occasion of India's Republic Day in Delhi, India, January 26, 2021

      Indian Political Parties Condemn Farmers' Protest Rally Turning Violent in Delhi

      Farmers in India have been protesting on the borders of Delhi since 26 November, demanding the scrapping of three new farm laws - the Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce, the Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services, and the Amendment to the Essential Commodities Act 2020, passed by the central government last September.
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    • 12:51

      Indian Home Ministry to Deploy Over 1,500 Servicemen to Delhi Amid Protests

      An additional 15 companies of paramilitary forces are to be deployed in Delhi, sources said. The decision was made during an emergency meeting called by the country's Home Minister Amit Shah after an outbreak of violence during the farmers' protests in Delhi.

    • 12:40

      BBC Caught Mixing Up Protests by Indian Farmers With Italian Gov't Deadlock

      Protesting Farmers in India

      BBC Caught Mixing Up Protests by Indian Farmers With Italian Gov't Deadlock

      The awkward blunder must have occurred unintentionally, apparently because of a TV operator's failure to duly replace the news spiegel, but it was quick to cause quite a few smiles.
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    • 12:28

      Indian Farmers Hold Tractor March in New Delhi

    • 12:21

      Sikhs Set Up Yellow 'Khalistan' Flag at Indian Embassy in Italy

    • 11:36

      Telecom Services Snapped in Delhi's Neighbouring City of Noida

    • 10:34

      Watch New Delhi Protesters Beat Up Law Enforcement Outside Police Station

      Watch New Delhi Protesters Beat Up Law Enforcement Outside Police Station

      Earlier on Tuesday, police barricaded New Delhi against the protesters, who went on to knock them down at the Singhu border that divides New Delhi and the surrounding state of Haryana.
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    • 10:04

      Mass Protests Against Farm Laws Hit Bengaluru

    • 10:01

      Indian Government Orders Suspension of Internet Services in Delhi

    • 09:54

      Indian Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi Denounces Violence at Protests, Urges to Scrap Farm Laws

      "Violence is not a solution to any problem. If anyone gets hurt, the damage will happen to our country. Take back the anti-agricultural law for the benefit of the country!" the politician said.

    • 09:51

      Car Rally Against Farm Laws Held in Mohali, Punjab

    • 09:43

      Culture Minister Patel Slams Protesters for Occupying Red Fort

    • 09:23

      Police Use Tear Gas Again as More Farmers Reportedly Join Protests

    • 09:02

      Protesters Mount Yellow Flag Over Red Fort in Delhi

      The banner hoisted instead of the Indian tricolour seems to be a flag of the Khalistan movement, which is seeking to create an independent state for Sikhs in Punjab.

    • 08:58

      One Protester Killed Amid Clashes With Police in New Delhi, Reports Suggest

    • 08:50

      Farmers' Union Leader Balbir Singh Rajewal Slams Violence at Protests

    • 08:41

      Punjab Chief Minister Singh Urges Farmers to Keep Protests Peaceful

      "Old farmers are sitting at the borders of the national capital, not for themselves but their children and future generations", Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said.

      "Be peaceful, and the country is with you. 122 MPs in the UK had spoken in favour of the farmers and other countries had also supported the protests as the farmers had been peaceful all along", he added.

    • 08:30

      Indian Farmers Ram Tractors Into Public Bus

    • 08:23

      Farmers' Rally Reaches Historic Red Fort in Delhi

    • 08:20

      Indian Farmers Clash With Police

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