07:31 GMT06 May 2021
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    From bank fraud to card cloning, there seems to be a million ways fraudsters find to swindle someone out of their hard earned money.

    This video of an Indian cop going viral will surely help you save yourself from falling prey to fraudsters. It is a clear reminder that one needs to be very careful while dealing with their finances - whether it's withdrawing money or depositing cash.

    In the video, the policeman can be seen showing how duplicate parts can be fitted on to ATM machines to clone your card and even read your pin. 

    The cop removes two panels from top of the original ones - one card insertion slot and the other one at the top of the keypad. He explained how fraudsters use the panel on the card slot to get blueprints of your card and the one on the top of the keypad can be equipped with small camera to read your password. He even shows how you should cover the top of the keypad with your hand while entering the password.


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