09:37 GMT21 September 2020
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    As the number of COVID-19 infections surpass four million in India, schools and colleges continue to function remotely via online classes and groups. With reports of private groups being hacked amid the widespread use of video calls for classes, privacy concerns and digital wellbeing have become matters of concern for parents across the globe.

    Parents in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat were upset when they discovered pornographic material in a student WhatsApp group, the news agency IANS reported.

    Police have confirmed that some vulgar pictures and videos were posted in a WhatsApp group named "Biology group Class 10".

    A police official at UP’s cybercrime branch has revealed that students were added to a group that had a picture of the school's biology teacher, thereby making it look like an official group. However, the teacher was neither aware about the group nor about his picture being used for it. 

    He said that since the group had the numbers of all the students and a picture of the school’s biology teacher, the matter seems like the work of an insider, but the identity has not been traced yet, as the person used an international number to create the group and send messages.

    Parents shared the phone number and screenshots with the police, with the person in question also having asked students to share some pictures, although it wasn’t clear what kind of pictures.

    Police are further investigating the matter. Gross privacy violations have become more common since classes moved online due to the outbreak of the pandemic in March this year. In April, a man, allegedly masturbating, hacked into an online Zoom class.


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