10:12 GMT27 September 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): This type of technology has been used in the United States and several other countries. This method involves micro-needles that are too thin to induce a painful reaction, like ordinary needles which touch the nerves in the skin.

    The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has developed micro-needles and micro-pumps that enable medications to be administered in a painless way.

    ​The device is a vital part of transdermal drug delivery systems and efficient in administering large doses of drug molecules through a hollow micro-needle that uses controlled micro-pump to transfer the drug through the skin.

    Innovated by the Institute’s Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering, the micro-needle is said to be thinner than human hair with a reduced diameter.

    However, the strength of the needle has been increased to prevent breakage while administering a dose to a patient.

    Stating that the device would find extensive use in any form of transdermal medication, Professor Tarun Kanti Bhattacharyya, who led the research, said in a statement, "A typical use could be achieved in insulin delivery or medication for diseases of the lymphatic system, skin including some forms of cancer, or even COVID-19 vaccine".

    While the research team has moved to patent the device in India, it has also been tested on animals adhering to guidelines. The innovation was boosted by funds provided by the federal Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and Department of Science and Technology. 


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