15:49 GMT24 November 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): Cow dung and urine have always had a special place in Hinduism as they are believed to contain properties that can cure diseases. As coronavirus cases have emerged in India, a Hindu organisation seems to have found an opportunity to promote the benefits of consuming cow urine and applying cow dung as a shield against the virus.

    The leader of a Hindu organisation is set to organise a cow urine "party" to showcase how the world can shield itself from the effects of the coronavirus, which originated in China's Wuhan city last December.

    According to Swami Chakrapani, the ascetic who heads the Hindu religious and nationalist organisation Hindu Mahasabha, they have plans to host the event as part of their endeavour for public awareness about the virus.

    “During the event, we would be providing cow urine for the people to consume while we would also make them aware them that they should apply cow dung on their bodies so that the virus dies immediately”, Chakrapani said, adding that the motive is to spread the message across the country and make citizens aware about the importance of cows and products made from their milk.

    In India, a total of 28 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.  

    Assuring that there is no need to panic, he says the virus can be contained if people embrace vegetarianism and start consuming cow urine.

    “To ensure that the virus doesn’t spread in the national capital, we have decided to organise a ‘Cow Urine Party’ just like tea parties for the people. The residents need to be aware that cow urine, cow dung and milk products can help eliminate this virus”, said Swami Chakrapani.

    The ascetic believes that the virus has been "provoked" to enter India by several ministers who have organised chicken eating fests to dispel the "myth" that the infection spreads through eating meat. He believes the COVID-19 virus has spread due to animal killings in China.

    “In China, people kill all types of animals and eat them. The cries and sufferings of animals created a negative energy that resulted in the breakout of novel coronavirus that claimed many lives. Our country was safe until the Telangana state ministers openly challenged the virus by eating chicken on stage. The virus heard their (animals') cries and entered our country”, said Chakrapani.

    He has stated that many people may not believe him, but they want to spread awareness about the killing of animals, which is the main cause of the virus. To put this solution out to the world, Swami Chakrapani has organised an event, the date of which will be finalised within two to three days.

    On Wednesday, Indian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan revealed that 28 cases of the virus had been reported across the country. 

    According to the WHO, the novel coronavirus had infected more 90,000 persons in 73 countries and territories by Monday evening. As many as 172 deaths have been reported outside mainland China, pushing the global toll to 3,115. 


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