21:53 GMT01 December 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): High school students studying in the 10th and 12th standards are currently taking their “board examinations” in India. These board exams are traditionally hyped-up tests that are believed to be the first defining and deciding factor of a teenagers’ future career path in India.

    Between February and April every year, the stress level for students taking their boards along with their parents, teachers, and even their acquaintances shoots up to such an extent that sometimes only passing the exams makes sense, leaving everything else a distant second.

    A 57-second video is making the rounds on social media showing at least ten men climbing the boundary wall of a government school just to throw cheating materials through the windows of the classrooms where the students are taking their board examinations.

    The clip shot in the central Indian state of Maharashtra shows that while most of the classroom windows were covered with what appears to be brown curtains, the ventilators were open – through which, people on the boundary walls were throwing in chits to cheat.

    ​According to media reports, AS Chaudhary, the exam-centre controller of the school in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district revealed that the boundary wall was still under construction, making it easier for people to trespass.

    Chaudhary also noted that the school authorities have contacted the police and requested to tighten security around the campus.

    At present, both the details about the people caught on camera and the course of further investigation on the cheating scam remain unknown.

    Earlier in February, a school principal in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was caught red-handed giving tips and tricks to students to help them cheat on the board examinations.

    His tips included attaching a Rs. 100 currency note along with their answer sheets to earn them passing marks “blindly” from the evaluators.

    Owing to the intense pressure to perfom well on the exams that builds up in the three months of every new year, students attempting and succeeding in killing themselves make it to the headlines in India.

    For instance, in July 2019 – after the board results were announced last year, 23 students in the southern Indian state of Telangana took their lives, the media had reported. 

    In January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed 2,000 students in the national capital and spoke to them about handling failure and performing under stress during their board exams.


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