02:59 GMT09 August 2020
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    Mass rallies have been rocking the country since December 2019 when India introduced a law to pave the way for illegal immigrants from several religious minorities who faced persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan to obtain Indian citizenship. The law, however, excluded Muslim migrants from the list.

    The situation in the Indian capital is believed to have calmed down since Wednesday when the death toll from the outburst of violence climbed to 34 people. Earlier this week, authorities imposed a curfew in certain areas of New Delhi in order to stop the numerous clashes between supporters and opponents of a controversial citizenship law that included stone-throwing and setting property on fire.

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    • 18:19

      Intelligence Officer Stabbed 400 Times in Delhi Riots - Autopsy Report

      The autopsy report states: "Multiple abrasions.. deep cut.. by sharp edge objects."

      Ankit Sharma was found dead in violence-hit Chandbagh locality in northeast Delhi.

    • 12:09

      Indian Police Publish Drone Footage of Northeast Delhi

    • 11:25

      Locals in Chand Bagh Area Ask Police to Boost Presence Amid Protests

    • 11:10

      Authorities Promise Medical Help and Compensation for Victims of Violent Protests

      People, affected by the clashes can get free-of-cost medical treatment at any private hospital under the Delhi government's Farishte scheme, State Chief Arvind Kejriwal announced, adding that the families of the deceased in protests would be paid around 2,000,000 rupees (around $27,000) each.

    • 10:14

      Municipal Councilor Accused of Sheltering Rioters Says He is Innocent

    • 08:59

      India's Education Board Requests Details of Students Who Skipped Exams Over Violence in Northeast Delhi

    • 07:57

      Hyderabad Police Detain Communist Protesters Over Burning Effigy of Home Minister Amit Shah

    • 07:53

      Violence in New Delhi Reflects Total Failure of Central Government - Former PM Singh

    • 07:26

      Opposition Leader Sonia Gandhi Urges For Dismissal of Home Minister Amit Shah

      "We call upon you (President) to ensure that life, liberty, and property of citizens are preserved. We also reiterate that you should immediately call for the removal of the Home Minister for his inability to contain violence", she stated.

    • 06:50

      Police Commissioner Says Northeast New Delhi is Secured - Video

    • 06:10

      Heavy Presence of Security Personnel in Violence-Hit Seelampur Area

    • 06:08

      Spokesperson of Home Ministry: 'There Is Adequate Strength of Forces on Ground'

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