18:38 GMT08 August 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): Menstruation continues to be a stigma in different sections of society around the world. Many people view it as an impure occurrence and thus exclude menstruating women from social and religious events, denying entry into places of worship. At many places in India, they are barred from entering shrines and even kitchens.

    A godman in the Indian state of Gujarat, Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji has left many people dumbfounded after saying if menstruating women cook, they will be reborn as "Kutri" (a b***h) in next life.

    The preacher didn’t stop there, adding that if a man consumes food prepared by a woman on her period then his next avatar would definitely be that of a "balad' (an ox).

    The godman was giving a sermon to a huge gathering in the town of Bhuj.

    Apparently, the controversy seem connected to a recent incident in which 68 girls from a college were allegedly compelled by authorities to strip down to verify that they were not menstruating as it is against the guidelines of the dorm.

    The college, Shree Sahajanand Girls Institute (SSGI) in the same town, is run by a Trust of the Swaminarayan Temple of the same godman. In the video, the preacher can be heard making the scandalous remark while delivering a sermon.

    The back-to-back incidents of menstruation shaming have left Twitter users outraged as they slammed what they described as a misogynist and sexist remark by the godman.

    Another said that "the news is in 2020 and mindset of the people, knowledge and common sense is from Stone Age". 

    ​On 17 January, a college principal and three other staffers were suspended after a police case was brought against them for forcing 68 girls to remove their clothes and verify they were not menstruating. A senior college official claimed the check-ups were done because menstruating girls violate the dorm's rules. 


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