21:43 GMT24 November 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): Thousands came out on streets in several parts of India to oppose a new law that grants citizenship to non-Muslim immigrants from three neighbouring countries, while supporters of the law also took to the streets claiming the newly enacted legislation would be good for the people.

    The Indian capital witnessed an unusual scene on Tuesday when supporters of the amended citizenship law locked horns with protesters at Mandi House, a central locality in Delhi, considered to be a cultural hub.

    Raising “traitor” slogans, a man backing the law attempted to attack those protesting against it. In the video clip, a man can be seen lunging towards the protesters with a shoe in his hand.

    Police had to intervene to stop the two sides from having an ugly showdown.

    Prohibitory orders that bar the gathering of four or more people were imposed in the Mandi House area as protesters gathered defying it.

    So far, 25 people have reportedly died across the country in violent protests and clashes with security forces. Protests over the Citizenship law have spread across the country like wildfire as opponents of the law believe it is discriminatory and violates the Indian Constitution.

    The federal government, however, denied claims that the law was anti-Muslim and insisted that Indian Muslims don't need to worry.

    The government has come out with a series of promotional videos asking people not to act on hearsay or falsehoods.

    The Citizenship Law seeks to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants from six religious minorities – Hindus, Parsis, Jains, Christians, Buddhists, and Sikhs, from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan if they arrived in India prior to 2015. It, however, doesn't extend the same rights to Muslims.


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