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    "Adventure Capitalist" Jim Rogers: Figure Out What You Love, 'And Do It'

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    Careers of the Future: How to Pick a Job Which Will Stay Relevant (5)
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    Artificial intelligence, big data and computers are quickly changing the global job market. Many jobs may cease to exist within the next decade, as humans are replaced by robots and software. So finding your way in a world of “outdated” and totally new careers is not an easy task.

    The job market as we know it may change dramatically within the next few years. According to Staff.com co-founder Rob Rawson Several, some positions once considered the mainstays of banking and finance, including bookkeepers and accountants are likely to be replaced by AI by 2028. Such predictions may give food for thought to those who picked finance as their college major. In a world where AI and neural networks are becoming increasingly successful in competing with humans, it’s hard for young people to pick a future job which will remain relevant by the time they graduate from college.

    Even for successful entrepreneurs like the legendary investor Jim Rogers, it’s hard to make exact predictions when it comes to the job market. Rogers, who is Chairman of Beeland Interests Inc., started his career on Wall Street in the 1960’s. However, unlike many of his colleagues, who preferred to stay in the office, Rogers decided to travel around the world. In the 1990’s he visited more than 100 countries, riding a motorcycle and later — driving a custom-built Mercedes. When asked about career choices, Rogers told Radio Sputnik listeners to trust their gut feeling.

    “People have to figure out their own passions. And then – do it! Don’t listen to me, don’t listen to your parents, don’t listen to your professors, and don’t listen to your friends. Figure out what you really love and do it. And if people laugh at you – you’re really doing the right thing. You’re really on the right track”

    The author of “Adventure Capitalist” and “Investment Biker” decided to leave New York City in 2007 and moved his assets to Singapore, saying that it was the right time to invest in Asian markets. He’s still firm in that belief. The famous investor also says that the revolutionary “next big thing” may very well be in the making right now, and in the coming years technology and the Internet will play a key role.

    I’m sure there are now 18-year-old kids in the garage somewhere, coming up with something totally new that’s going to change the whole world – it frequently happens that way. Maybe my children will find the profession of the future. But it certainly has to do with the Internet; it certainly has to do with technology.

    According to Payscale.com, computer science graduates are currently in high demand, with annual salaries of $123,000 and up. So, if you’re looking for a career path which is likely to remain relevant in the coming years, hi-tech and internet-related businesses may very well be the right choice for you.

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    Careers of the Future: How to Pick a Job Which Will Stay Relevant (5)
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