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    Geopolitical Implications of Brexit

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    Brexit or Fixit (11)

    In this episode of Brexit or Fixit, George Galloway the British politician, writer and broadcaster, and John Wight, writer and commentator discuss the implications for Britain and its role in the world if it leaves the EU.

    Barack Obama and Larry Summers who served under President Clinton have both recently offered their opinions on the debate. Summers recently stated a Brexit would represent the most ‘isolationist deed in the last century’ inflicting serious damage on the City of London. George Galloway doesn’t believe American politicians should be involved in the debate. He said:

    “The arrogance of the American President making a special visit to Britain to instruct the natives on how they should vote in terms of their relationship to European countries is reprehensible and offensive and I think will have offended many British people.”

    Meanwhile, John Wight doesn’t believe Britain’s special relationship with America would be affected by the EU Referendum. He stated:

    “The special relationship between Britain and the US predates the EU by over 20 years. Both sides of the argument in the Brexit debate are committed to the special relationship.”

    John Wight went on to say that Britain’s approach to Russia would not change after a Brexit.

    “Britain has long been Washington’s bridge to Europe and it will be keen to continue to do so. Tony Blair did not need the EU to go to war in Iraq, the most damaging war in British history since the Boer War and we are still living with the consequences of that war today. The British ruling class in total is committed to the Atlantic alliance and I don’t think membership of  EU will affect that one bit whatsoever. It relates to the sanctions against Russia which are being pushed most strenuously by Washington and the British establishment is determined to remain Washington’s key ally in Europe.”

    We asked George Galloway if Britain would lose some significance and international standing in the world if it left the EU. He said:

    “I could do with a period of so called less international standing, I could do with a period of less significance because significance and standing in the period since the end of the Second World War has been measured by military aggression, subservience to the United States, being an auxiliary to the United States politically and militarily and I want out of all of that. I’d be very happy if a neutral Britain played a better and more progressive role in the world.”

    It remains to be seen whether American influence or Britain having a diminished role in the world will swing the vote this June.

    Brexit or Fixit (11)
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