• Massive blaze in Versailles
    Last update: 19:05 23.04.2019
    19:05 23.04.2019

    WATCH Alleged Video of Firefighters Arriving at Site of Huge Fire in Versailles

    The French police station informed the public about a massive fire raging in the Paris suburb of Versailles and has advised residents to avoid the area. Social media platforms have flooded the internet with images and videos of the ongoing blaze.

  • Fire in Versailles
    Last update: 18:51 23.04.2019
    18:51 23.04.2019

    Massive Blaze Erupts in French City of Versailles

    A massive fire broke out at the Rue du Parc in the French city of Versailles, the city Commissariat announced.

  • Reporters without borders exhibition
    Last update: 18:40 23.04.2019
    18:40 23.04.2019

    'In the Name of National Security': UK Press Freedom Worst in Western Europe

    RWB’s dedicated country-specific report on the UK - titled A Worrying Trend - praised improvements "in some areas and the presence of a robust independent media", but overall condemned the government's "heavy-handed approach towards the press, often in the name of national security".

  • Notre Dame Cathedral on fire, Paris
    Last update: 17:46 23.04.2019
    17:46 23.04.2019

    Mainstream Media at It Again: Guardian Jumps on Claim Sputnik Edited Notre Dame Fire Photo Despite Disproof

    Sputnik France's editorial team has released the original of the photo in question with full metadata, prompting several fact checking sites to acknowledge its authenticity. However, the Guardian has become the last but not least of the publications that picked up on the allegations regardless.

  • Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street on her way to Parliament to offer MPs a vote on whether to leave the EU without a deal
    Last update: 17:15 23.04.2019
    17:15 23.04.2019

    UK PM Preparing to Introduce Key Brexit Bill for Voting Within 10 Days – Reports

    The UK parliament has repeatedly rejected the withdrawal agreement, coordinated between London and Brussels, and the country, therefore, risks tumbling out of the bloc without a deal, which could affect both the UK and EU economies.

  • Police is seen as climate change activists demonstrate during the Extinction Rebellion protest, at Canary Wharf DLR station in London, Britain April 17, 2019.
    Last update: 17:10 23.04.2019
    17:10 23.04.2019

    Over 70 Climate Change Protesters in London Slapped With Charges - Police

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Over 70 people have been charged for various offences in connection with a wave of climate change protests in London, dubbed the Extinction Rebellion, that has been disrupting the UK capital for more than a week now, the Metropolitan Police said on Tuesday.

  • Rachel Johnson, candidate for the new pro-EU political party, Change UK poses after the launch of their European election campaign in Bristol on April 23, 2019
    Last update: 16:19 23.04.2019
    16:19 23.04.2019

    Family Feud? Boris Johnson's Sister to Stand for 'Remain Alliance' Change UK

    Johnson accused those who led the campaign to leave the EU of "rubbing out" her children's prospects "of living and travelling and working in Europe".

  • Gorel Biniel (L) and Dag Gustafsson (C), parents of Swedish software developer Ola Bini, and lawyer Carlos Soria, hold a news conference after a local judge ordered Bini jailed pending trial for alleged involvement in hacking government computer systems, in Quito, Ecuador April 16, 2019
    Last update: 16:05 23.04.2019
    16:05 23.04.2019

    Int'l Petition Urges Swedish PM to Help 'Wikileaks Collaborator' Held in Ecuador

    Swedish programmer and data privacy activist Ola Bini has been detained in Ecuador, following the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London.

  • Notre Dame cathedral in Paris after the fire.
    Last update: 15:46 23.04.2019
    15:46 23.04.2019

    Process of Rain Protection Installation Over France's Damaged Notre Dame (VIDEO)

    A ‘big umbrella' is to be placed over Notre Dame so that the craftsmen can work under it and begin to assess the damage, salvage material and decide what action will need to be taken to rebuild the cathedral.

    Fire Breaks Out at Iconic Notre Dame in Paris: Cathedral Partially Destroyed
  • A Daesh flag. File photo
    Last update: 15:45 23.04.2019
    15:45 23.04.2019

    French Court Rejects Jihadist Requests to Repatriate Them From Syria

    In February, French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet pointed out that "for the time being" Paris is not changing its policy, saying that "at this stage France is not responding to [Trump's] demands" related to the repatriation of jihadists.

  • Manfred Weber, a candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, reiterated his promise to do his best to block the the Nord Stream 2 project if he is nominated for the new job
    Last update: 15:44 23.04.2019
    15:44 23.04.2019

    European Commission Hopeful Vows to Use ‘All Procedures’ to Block Nord Stream 2

    While Nord Stream 2 has prompted considerable opposition in the US, Poland, Ukraine, and some other countries which have described the project as a political instrument, German Chancellor Angela Merkel agrees with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s view that the issue of Nord Stream 2 should not be politicised.

  • Police arresting a man in Southall on 23 April 1979
    Last update: 15:40 23.04.2019
    15:40 23.04.2019

    ‘Unfinished Business' 40 Years After Blair Peach Was Killed by UK Police

    On 23 April 1979 thousands of police officers clashed with huge crowds of demonstrators protesting at the National Front holding a meeting in London. Sputnik spoke to Suresh Grover and Amin Mawani, who were there that day, about why it still rankles 40 years later.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump with Queen Elizabeth II, inspects the Guard of Honour at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England, Friday, July 13, 2018
    Last update: 15:33 23.04.2019
    15:33 23.04.2019

    US President Trump to Visit Britain in June - UK PM's Press Service

    This would be Trump's second trip to the UK, following the four-day visit he made last July when he was met by thousands of people protesting his policies.

  • French police
    Last update: 14:40 23.04.2019
    14:40 23.04.2019

    French Police Special Forces Conducting Op in Lourdes - Reports

    As the report has specified, the operation was launched after a man had barricaded himself in an apartment.

  • Foreign Minister and leader of the Austrian People's Party, OEVP, Sebastian Kurz, left, and Heinz-Christian Strache, chairman of the right-wing Freedom Party, FPOE, talk to press after talks with Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen at the Hofburg palace in Vienna, Austria, Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017
    Last update: 14:17 23.04.2019
    14:17 23.04.2019

    Austria's Kurz Blasts Fellow Politicians Over 'Deeply RACIST' Poem Likening Migrants to Rats

    The controversy-provoking poem draws parallels between humans, more specifically migrants, and rats, predicting that if two cultures are mixed, they inevitably become distorted as a result, regardless of whatever “noble goal” is pursued.

  • Casing-head gas flares on a stack at the Mozyr oil refinery some 300 km south of Minsk in Mozyr on January 4, 2013
    Last update: 12:53 23.04.2019
    12:53 23.04.2019

    Belarus Plans to Start Shipping Alternatives to Russian Oil - BelOil

    MINSK (Sputnik) - Belarusian Oil Company (BelOil) plans to launch sea shipping of oil, as an alternative to Russian hydrocarbons, by the end of the year, BelOil's Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs Sergei Grib said Tuesday.

  • Sweden parliament building
    Last update: 12:50 23.04.2019
    12:50 23.04.2019

    British Think Tank Reportedly Offered to Spy on Right-Wing Swedish Politicians

    Not only has the Institute for Strategic Dialogue smeared a senior Sweden Democrat as a "far-right extremist", it also offered the Swedish authorities its help in gathering data on him and his associates abroad through "investigative work".

  • Angela Merkel
    Last update: 11:32 23.04.2019
    11:32 23.04.2019

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU Party Slumps in Poll

    The results of the poll come after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker praised Angela Merkel, saying she's “highly qualified” to become an EU-level politician after she steps down as Chancellor in 2021.

  • Danish police clash with one of around 300 migrants who were walking north on a highway in southern Denmark (File)
    Last update: 09:26 23.04.2019
    09:26 23.04.2019

    Denmark Elated as Immigration Costs Down to 'Only' $4.5Bln a Year

    While the financial burden of immigration has somewhat subsided compared to the peak year of 2015, immigrants still costs Denmark a whopping $4.5 billion annually.

    Europe's Refugee and Migrant Crisis
  • UK PM Theresa May
    Last update: 09:12 23.04.2019
    09:12 23.04.2019

    Cross-Party Brexit Talks To Resume As Efforts To Topple PM May Persist

    With Brexit delayed at the recent EU summit until as late as 31 October and a compromise plan off the immediate agenda, the political vacuum has been filled by manoeuvres to remove Theresa May from 10 Downing Street.