09:27 GMT25 February 2021
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Italian Prime Minister-designate Mario Draghi began a second round of talks on Monday to put together a broad coalition government after receiving encouraging signs over the weekend, media reported.

    According to the Italian Ansa news agency, talks over the weekends saw virtually all of Italy’s major parties express some form of consent to the popular ex-European Bank Chief Draghi.

    At the conclusion of the first round of talks over the weekend, both the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and the right-wing Lega Nord party said they were ready to consider taking part in a power-sharing coalition. Only the right-wing Brother of Italy party remains opposed to the technical candidate Draghi, according to Ansa.

    Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord chief and former high-powered interior minister, agreed to set aside talks of snap elections, something his party called for since he was frozen out of government in a September 2019 reshuffle, according to the agency.

    Draghi is now faced with the daunting task of getting all sides, from the Lega Nord to the left-wing Democratic and Free and Equal parties, to agree on a cabinet list.

    Acting Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stepped down in late January after the withdrawal of the Italia Viva party from the governing coalition and after having failed to secure an absolute majority in the Senate at the vote of confidence — which is not necessarily required by the constitution but which is essential for actual governing.

    As a result, several days of consultations among the political parties aimed at re-organizing the parliamentary majority in a way to help Conte form a new government with solid enough support followed. However, these consultations failed, the Italia Viva party did not provide its support, and the center-right forces expressed the desire to go for a snap election.

    At the moment, two options are possible — the president of the republic can nominate a technical government that will guide Italy out of the pandemic and economic crisis and stays in power until the next general elections in two-years’ time, or early elections can take place.

    Draghi, often referred to as "Supermario" in the Italian press, is seen positively by almost all the political forces.

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