11:50 GMT31 July 2021
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    Four young men have been arrested, another three were released on bail and one other is wanted after two British teens were reportedly gang-raped while intoxicated.

    Suspects who reportedly gang-raped two British girls at a villa in Marconia di Pisticci, Italy earlier this month, apparently filmed the attack, the Sun reported.

    According to the report, the girls were at a party on 6 September - their last day of the trip, when the incident occurred. One of the victims said she felt "strange and very confused" after sipping from a free Gin and Lemon she was handed, adding that they hadn't taken any drugs willingly. Then, she was taken from the house into the bushes in a nearby field.

    "They pushed me towards a car. There were at least five of them. The area was poorly lit. They hit me and, in turn, took advantage of me... I told them to stop. I was shouting in English let me go. They took off their trousers and I tried to defend myself by biting the penis of one... A guy tried to record the whole scene with the phone, but I can't tell if he managed to do it," one of the girls told journalists.

    ​CCTV footage released by police showed the suspects heading towards the field and then attempting to leave the villa, where the party was taking place.

    The Sun also published photos of the suspects, adding that according to La Reppublica newspaper, local rappers Michele Leone and Egidio Andriulli, known on YouTube as Red Michael and Meu Deus, were among the suspects.

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