22:08 GMT17 June 2021
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    Mass Protests in Belarus After Presidential Election (60)

    With videos and comments on Belarus and the results of its presidential election trending high on Twitter, some active netizens have moved to garner the Tesla and SpaceX founder’s support.

    As soon as Elon Musk was tagged in a Twitter post requesting to spread the word on the political protests that have of late engulfed post-electoral Belarus, the SpaceX founder wrote:

    “Sorry to hear this. What can we do to help?”
    Riot police march during clashes with opposition supporters after polls closed in Belarus' presidential election, in Minsk, Belarus.
    © Sputnik / Victor Tolochko
    Riot police march during clashes with opposition supporters after polls closed in Belarus' presidential election, in Minsk, Belarus.

    His subscribers en masse took to the comment section in the thread, depicting the tough situation in the East European country, and asking to assist the protesters in gaining the attention of the international community:

    “Corrupt media like @guardian and @CNN are trying to silence people of #Belarus. Almost zero coverage on murdered, injured and tortured by police”, one netizen wrote, urging Musk to “push media”.

    “It's really heart-breaking how in any sort of civil protest in whatever country around the world there's always a battalion of riot police guys at the ready who seem to enjoy kicking the sh*t out of the common people”, another stated, while many others picked up on Internet access being cut across the country, which the protesters said was done on incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko’s order:

    There were also those who suggested that Musk put in a word for the Belarusian people in Washington:

    A few weighed in on the debate, calling on Musk to concentrate on the upcoming election in the US instead, namely on the controversial mail-in voting proposed by the Democrats:

    Protests have engulfed the Belarusian capital and several other cities since the presidential election on Sunday, with thousands taking to streets across the country to express their dissatisfaction with the outcome. The preliminary results of the polls showed Alexander Lukashenko winning with 80% of the ballots - something the enraged opposition attributed to gross rigging of the national vote.

    The mass civil protests have seen demonstrators clash with riot police, who have resorted to rubber bullets and stun grenades, as per multiple witness accounts, to try to disperse the crowds, which have erected barricades and hurled fireworks at police. Several Russian journalists have been beaten and detained, including Sputnik and RT correspondents.

    The opposition political forces referred to the vote, which grants Lukashenko his sixth term in a row, as a fraud, with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the key opposition presidential candidate, initially filing a complaint with the Central Election Committee. She later fled to Lithuania, having recorded a video message hinting that she is giving up her campaign and calling for protesters to express their dissatisfaction peacefully.

    Mass Protests in Belarus After Presidential Election (60)


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