07:49 GMT25 October 2020
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    Multiple videos shared on social media Monday documented mass chaos erupting in France's Cannes moments after an unidentified individual yelled out "gunshot" in the streets, a move which ultimately prompted false reports of an active-shooter situation.

    The videos show throngs of police in the streets as well as people running in fear and taking shelter underneath tables at nearby restaurants after hearing the false reports.

    ​However, shortly after the videos began to surface online, the city of Cannes issued a notice to residents, informing them that no shots were fired in the area.

    "Don't worry, the situation is under control," reads a translation of the official statement. "We thank you for not conveying false information."

    French politician David Lisnard further confirmed that there were no gunshots or a active shooter on the grounds. Additionally, he explained that the chaos erupted after an individual shouted "gunshot" in the streets.


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