12:19 GMT26 January 2020
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    The increase in penile injuries is reportedly down to older Britons using Viagra to maintain their sexual activity, or possibly people trying more risky positions after watching porn.

    It appears that a new calamity has befallen men in the United Kingdom where a record number of "broken penis" cases was witnessed last year, The Sun reports.

    According to the NHS figures cited by the newspaper, some 164 patients sought surgeons’ help in fixing their injured manhoods, which marks a 38 percent increase in "fracture of penis" cases "since 2014/15".

    While NHS statistics show that the "most likely to be affected" last year were men in their 30s and 40s, the youngest reported case was 18-years old while the oldest was "in a 75 to 79-year-old".

    ITV host Phillip Schofield has provided an excellent illustration to this development during a recent "This Morning" show as he sat with a horrified expression on his face, mouth agape, and listened to a graphic description of what happens when a penis snaps.

    ​"Normally patients come in with something looking like a bruised aubergine. Early surgical repair restores function in the long-term", said Gordon Muir, a Consultant Urologist at King’s College Hospital in London. "But if you leave it to heal without treatment, there is a high chance of getting scarring which can lead to Peyronie’s disease [a wonky willy] or internal leakage".

    While Dr. Muir noted that most such incidents happen when "woman goes on top for sex", a previous research from Brazil names doggy style and missionary position as risky ones, along with "overzealous masturbation".

    As experts cited by the newspaper explain, the growing number of broken members may be a result of "older Brits taking Viagra and keeping an active love life into their later years", while another theory postulates that it’s because people try risky sexual positions after watching porn.

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