16:33 GMT02 August 2021
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    Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi has earned the nickname “anti-Greta” as she has been advocating for values that differ from the mainstream, standing up in the defence of traditional family and gender norms.

    Runet is witnessing a conservative activist, 16-year-old Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi, gaining more and more appreciation and backing online.

    The Gothenburg-based traditional values campaigner of the same age as Greta Thunberg is quite famous back home, and is increasingly being compared to the eco-activist, although she hasn’t directly touched upon the environment in her campaign.

    In an interview with a public group on the Russian social network VKontakte, where Nilsson Jarvandi even created a personal account, she said she is occasionally blocked by Instagram. She also lamented her Twitter page once being suspended on the grounds of her being not old enough to have an account there, although she provided documents at the time saying she was 15.

    She said this would never happen to Greta Thunberg given the leftist establishment’s support for her.

    “She is talking about the same things as mainstream media, schoolteachers, big corporations, and celebrities. It goes without saying that she will always enjoy support”, Izabella noted.

    Nilsson Jarvandi, born to a Swedish mother and Iranian father back in 2003, has been voicing harsh opposition to Sweden’s pro-immigration policies, arguing that most immigrants continue to live separately from native Swedes and remain unassimilated.

    She doesn’t see her mixed origin as something to hamper her campaigning for her native country and well-established Swedish cultural values, including those related to sex and gender.

    She is strictly against multiculturalism, feminism, and is reportedly an opponent of “LGBT propaganda in schools”.

    Nilsson Jarvandi, hasn’t spoken out on climate issues, but has nevertheless earned the nickname “anti-Greta”.

    On 3 December, the activist took note of one of Thunberg’s posts she made while on a yacht describing the land she caught sight of, as she was making her way to North America to a United Nations climate action summit, on a low carbon footprint boat.

    “Don’t people fly to this part of land to take the boat back [Greta is traveling by]?” Nilsson Jarvandi quipped.


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