16:44 GMT19 September 2020
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    A YouGov poll released on Wednesday predicts that the Tories are set to win the upcoming 12 December elections with 359 seats.

    The UK Labour party has reportedly decided to change its electoral campaign after the latest poll revealed that the Tories are on track to win the upcoming vote.

    According to the BBC, Labour has mistakenly overestimated the threat coming from the Lib Dems, while underestimating the chances of pro-Brexit supporters switching to the Conservative party.

    So far, the Labour had tried to emphasise that the 12 December vote was about more than Brexit, attempting to unite the party's supporters both in the Leave and the Remainders areas.

    The new strategy stipulates that the party focuses on pro-Brexit supporters, trying to persuade them that the Labour isn't trying to hamper the Brexit process by proposing a new referendum.

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the party's chairman Ian Lavery are expected to visit the Leave areas in an attempt to explain the deal the party wants to strike with the EU.

    But shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner said during a broadcast on BBC Radio 4 that he had had no discussions on the matter of changing the focus of the campaign.

    “This is news to me this morning. I have not had any discussions on that. Obviously what we want to do is to make sure that we keep on, as we have been doing over the past few weeks, narrowing that margin in the polls, ” Mr Gardiner said.

    The snap general election was approved by the UK Parliament's House of Commons late last month, following Brussels’ move to approve another deadline extension for Britain which gives the country until 31 January 2020 to ratify the Brexit deal negotiated by Johnson.

    Two weeks prior to the election, a poll conducted by YouGov, showed that the Tories are set to win 359 seats. The poll is based on more than 100,000 interviews conducted over the course of a week. It's noteworthy that another poll conducted by the agency 10 days prior to the 2017 election closely coincided with the final results of that vote.

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