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    Czech Intelligence Says It Sees Rise in Global Discord, Manipulation of Public Opinion

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    PRAGUE (Sputnik) - The world is steadily moving toward confrontation, and many actors are reacting not to ​​what is really happening but rather to how media reports on the subject, which is often deliberately manipulated and distorted, the Czech Military Intelligence said in its 2018 report published on Tuesday.

    "During 2018, the world moved further toward confrontation. An important problem is that the actions of an increasing number of actors are driven not by a real essence of what is happening, but by their medial reflection, which is often deliberately manipulated and biased", the report said.

    According to the intelligence agency, the fight between social models has replaced the previous conflicts of ideologies.

    "There is a struggle for the mastery of thinking, the formation of people's views and the attitudes that come from this", the report said.

    It further stated that global players continued to threaten each other with traditional military means, using it as a deterrence measure to prevent deadly conflict.

    "A potential military conflict can occur via precisely targeted and pre-calculated (and nuclear) attacks by new military means against which the enemy is unable to repel and which can eliminate his military operational capabilities", the report said.

    The report classified cyber defence as an autonomous and specific sector, warning that the country's critical information infrastructure was insufficiently protected, which is most evident in the development of 5G networks.

    "From the point of view of economic security, it is undesirable for the Czech Republic to become dependent on one supplier in this component, especially if it would take possession of the entire market with these technologies", the intelligence agency said.

    Earlier, the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Office warned against the use of information technologies made by Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, which are suspected by the United States and several other countries of cooperating with Chinese intelligence.

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