15:02 GMT22 September 2020
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    The practice of offering goods, such as food and drink, in return for votes is known as 'treating' and is banned under the Representation of the People Act 1983.

    A local councillor in the UK offered free fish and chips if voters back the Brexit Party in two seats in Yorkshire – but rescinded the deal after a visit from police.

    David Wood, who sits on Penistone Town Council as an independent, posted the offer on his takeaway Woody's Fish and Chips’ Facebook page.

    "Election Promise! Help Woody's to remove our two current Labour MPs from their seats in Westminster in favour of Jim Feguson [sic] for Barnsley East and Victoria Felton for Barnsley Central. Our promise to the electorate of Barnsley is to offer free Cod Bits & Chips to everyone that visits our shop on December the 13th in celebration of turfing Labour MP's [sic] out of Barnsley. You can count on us to deliver. Promise,” the post, which has since been removed, promised.

    ​South Yorkshire Police received two complaints and gave "some advice to the person involved".

    "A person is guilty of treating if either before, during or after an election they directly or indirectly give or provide any food, drink, entertainment or provision to corruptly influence any voter to vote or refrain from voting. Treating requires a corrupt intent - it does not apply to ordinary hospitality,” the Electoral Commission states.

    However, despite the rebuke, Wood is unrepentant, and has told the BBC the offer will be reinstated after election day.

    ​"I can take the post down but I will be putting it back up the day after, when we win. No one has contacted me from the police. I am not associated with the Brexit Party, apart from helping the candidates. That is my treat to my customers after the Brexit Party win. If they don't win, they won't get it,” he promised.


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