07:03 GMT19 June 2021
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    Ahead of the UK snap poll, parties have been on the election trail up and down the country, adhering to their dominant campaign themes, with the Conservatives focused on getting Brexit done, Labour pledging to end austerity, the Liberal Democrats vowing to stop Brexit and Scottish nationalists aiming for another referendum on independence.

    Claire Malcomson, a last-minute candidate for the Lib Dems in the UK general elections, has stoked interest for previously featuring in an S&M-style television ad, complete with a whip, suspenders and stockings.

    ​Malcomson replaces Tim Walker in Canterbury, which is predominantly Conservative held, and is considered to be Kent's most marginal seat.

    The woman, who is a trained actress and part-time singer, appeared in a raunchy 30-second clip for a Belgian casino.

    In the clip, the prospective MP is shown dining at a restaurant with a fictional partner, as a flirty waitress slips the man her number, which he bins.

    The scene then cuts to the couple back at home.

    As the man gets ready for bed, Malcolmson's character enters the bedroom in an S&M-style outfit with latex corset, elbow-length gloves and stockings with suspenders.

    She is shown cracking a whip against the bed as the pair exchange suggestive glances before the scene cuts to the casino's logo.
    Next, the pair are shown in bed looking dishevelled as they pore over a betting website.

    Speaking of the ad, which was part of a lighthearted television campaign from 2014, the single mother-of-four told Kent Online:

    “There's nothing risqué about it. …If you can't do things like that...you're supposed to do them in a liberal society. It's meant to be a joke.”

    The politician, who is currently a district councillor in Dorking, Surrey, adds:

    “I think it's the way people look at things. I'm fully clothed — I've got tights on.”

    The advert has featured on Malcomson's website, which also links to her political Twitter profile.

    As the footage hit social media, some were quick to berate the Lib Dem candidate:

    Others saw the humour of it as they wondered if, perhaps, the whip might be called for in her subsequent duties:

    As Britain is gearing up for a 12 December general election, Tory support has hit 40 per cent, increasing the party's lead over Labour ahead of the general election, according to the rolling average of opinion polls, reported the Evening Standard.

    Despite Labour creeping up on the Conservatives over the past week, as of Friday support for Jeremy Corbyn's party remained at 29 per cent.

    The Tories have witnessed a steady climb from 34 per cent over the past two weeks, reaching 40 per cent on 15 November.

    The latest polls suggest support for the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party is plummeting.

    The Lib Dems have seen a drop in support to 16 per cent.

    Support for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party hit seven per cent on Friday, after he refused to pull candidates in some constituencies following the decision at the beginning of the week to stand down in 317 Tory-held seats.



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