22:09 GMT13 May 2021
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    The leader made the comments whilst speaking on Sophy Ridge on Remembrance Sunday, suggesting that the SNP took "responsibilities for defence seriously" and that conventional defences were not given sufficient priority.

    Trident may be included on his party's post-election "wish-list", Scottish National Party Westminster leader, Ian Blackford said on Sunday.

    “We don’t believe that we should be investing in those weapons of mass destruction," Mr Blackford told Sky News.

    When asked if there were any SNP "red lines" when working with other parties, should a hung parliament take place in December, his party would "come up with a wish list of things that we want to see", he said.

    Mr Blackford added: “We’ve been pretty consistent down through the decades that we don’t wish to see nuclear weapons on our soil."

    The Scottish government wanted to make certain that it took its "responsibilities of defence seriously", Mr Blackford said, adding that he thought it was "important to say" when the country had "Remembrance Sunday to look forward to".

    He wanted his party to "improve on" the 35 seats won in snap elections in 2017, the SNP Westminster leader said.

    Blackford spoke on Sophy Ridge on Sunday and said he wants his party to “improve on” the 35 seats it won at the last snap general election in 2017, a major decrease from 56 seats in 2015.

    But the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon revealed she would work with a Labour government if possible after 12 December under the condition Labour backed a second independence referendum.

    Labour and opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has also said he would back an Scottish independence referendum if possible, but not within his first years as prime minister. 

    Speaking on Remembrance Day, Mr Corbyn said that many of Britain's veterans were still "not getting the support they deserve".

    “Service men and women have faced pay cuts, service accommodation left in disrepair, and are worried their children are left without the support that they need,” Mr Corbyn added.

    The news comes after UK defence secretary Ben Wallace warned that an SNP-Labour governing pact would compromise Britain's national security, according to a report from the Sunday Times. But SNP defence spokesman, Stewart McDonald, restated as quoted by the Sunday Times that removing the UK's Trident nuclear submarine fleet from the Faslane naval base would be a "priority" in future discussions, should a Labour government assume office in Downing Street.


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