19:55 GMT14 August 2020
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    British lawmakers briefly gave Prime Minister Boris Johnson hope that his Brexit deal would be enforced before the October 31 deadline — only to reject a short schedule for its debate.

    Boris Johnson has stated that he will pause the withdrawal bill until the EU decides whether to allow an extension to the Brexit process.

    The statement comes after the British Parliament voted to reject a three-day deadline to debate the Brexit bill after passing it in principle.

    The prime minister was forced by the Benn Act to write to Tusk on 21 October and ask him to delay Brexit until at least 31 January 2020. He completed the letter with a personal note where he argued against granting the UK that extension, after repeatedly promising to take the country out of the bloc "do or die".

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      EU Envoys Agree that Brexit Deadline Should Be Extended, But Final Decision is Under Discussion - Source

    • 17:06

      EU Reaches No Decision on Brexit at Bloc Envoys Meeting - Senior Diplomats

    • 15:22

      Johnson Told Chancellor Merkel Brexit Should Happen on 31 October, Majority of Lawmakers Support the Deal - Spokesman for UK PM

    • 12:42

      Berlin Won't Oppose Another Brexit Delay - Spokesman for Chancellor Merkel

      Germany will not block a request from the United Kingdom to extend the deadline for its withdrawal from the European Union beyond 31 October, Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman said.

    • 12:37

      European Leaders May hold Talks to Find Brexit Consensus on Friday - Irish PM

      "If there is consensus, we can do this by written procedure. If there is not, well then we will have to convene a meeting of the European Council, possibly next Monday, maybe even on Friday to discuss whether or not to grant an extension, for how long and under what conditions", Leo Varadkar told parliament.

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      Labour Wants to Ensure That Cabinet Won't Drag UK to No-Deal Brexit in January - Party Spokesman

    • 12:30

      Johnson and Corbyn Did Not Find Common Ground During Meeting - PM's Spokesman

    • 12:26

      PM Wants to Get Deal Done, But After MPs' Decision Hard Brexit is More Likely to Happen - Johnson's Spokesman

    • 12:25

      Johnson Still Believes Withdrawing From EU by 31 October Serves UK's 'Best Interests'

      "I think it would still be very much in the best interests of this country and of democracy to get Brexit done by October 31. I will wait to see what our EU friends and partners say in response both to the request for the delay from the parliament and also to the insistence by the parliament that they want a delay. I don't think that people of this country want a delay, I don't want a delay, I intend to press on, but I have to see what our EU friends decide", he told the parliament.

    • 11:38

      London Now Has to Wait for What EU Decides on Brexit Delay - Johnson

      "It's very clear the public wants this done ... they want Brexit done ... We're very clear we'd like to get Brexit done by October 31st", British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

    • 11:30

      PM Johnson Urges Opponents on Brexit Deal to Vote for Holding New Elections

    • 11:08

      A New Programme Motion Could Be Agreed Today, Cummings Says France Was Going to Veto Delay - Times Political Editor

    • 11:06

      There is Still Time for Labour Leader Corbyn to Explain How He Intends to Get Brexit Done - Johnson

    • 10:48

      Boris Johnson Answers Questions in Parliament After Putting Brexit on Hold - Video

      Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks at the parliament, which reconvenes after the UK Supreme Court ruled that his suspension of the parliament was unlawful, in London, Britain, September 25, 2019, in this screen grab taken from video

      Boris Johnson Answers Questions in Parliament After Putting Brexit on Hold - Video

      UK lawmakers voted by a slim majority on 22 October to endorse Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill in principle, in what is the first major victory for him in Parliament.
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    • 10:37

      PM Johnson Will Discuss Brexit Timetable - Labour Source

      According to a source in the Labour Party, British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have met to discuss a new timetable for passing the Brexit legislation.

    • 09:23

      Vote in Favour of Brexit Bill Shows Likelihood of UK Withdrawing from the EU With a Deal is Higher Than It Has Been for Some Time - Financial Services Company Moody's

    Live Updates: Brexit Bill in Limbo as UK Lawmakers Vote Against Johnson's Timetable
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