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    Brussels and London struck a Brexit agreement on Thursday, with the bloc making the necessary preparations to ratify the accord. Both sides, however, still consider the risk of a no-deal scenario to be high, especially after House of Commons Speaker John Bercow rejected the government's motion for a new Brexit vote in Parliament on Monday.

    The standoff between the Cabinet and the Parliament continues, as lawmakers want to have another Brexit delay for the country, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists that the UK will leave the European Union by 31 October.

    The prime minister has even refused to sign a government letter requesting another extension, stressing it was coming from MPs in a separate letter to Brussels.

    Anti-Brexit protesters demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, October 17, 2019
    © REUTERS / Tom Nicholson
    Anti-Brexit protesters demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, October 17, 2019

    London also triggered Operation Yellowhammer, which seeks to protect Britons from any negative consequences of a hard Brexit, including issues with their citizenship during border checks, potential problems with food supplies, trade conflicts, national security issues, etc.

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      EU President Donald Tusk Says 'Will Recommend' 27 Member States Accept Brexit Extension

    • 18:39

      'We Will Pause This Legislation' - PM Johnson

    • 18:34

      UK Lawmakers Reject Timetable for Brexit Deal Legislation

      Lawmakers voted 322 to 308 against the so-called programme motion, under which the government expected to pass the legislation at an accelerated pace. According to many lawmakers, as cited by Reuters, it did not give them enough time to study such an important bill.

    • 18:22

      UK Lawmakers Approve Second Reading of Brexit Deal Legislation

      MPs have voted 329 versus 299 in favour of the Brexit legislation, allowing a vote on the so-called programme motion, which establishes an accelerated timetable for Westminster to approve the Withdrawal Agreement Bill by the end of Thursday.

    • 18:20

      UK Lawmakers Vote On Timetable For Brexit Deal Legislation, Result Expected in 15 Mins

    • 18:07

      EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill Undergoing Second Reading in Westminster

    • 16:49

      Labour Party Remains Open for Discussion on Different Schedule for Brexit Law

    • 15:24

      British PM Johnson Reportedly Ready to Extend Brexit Delay for 10 Days If He Loses Programme Motion Tonight - Reports

      British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged lawmakers to support the legislation so "we can get Brexit done and move our country on". He warned that if they fail, the “bill will have to be pulled” and he would seek an early election -- although he needs the support of the main opposition Labour Party.

      "I will argue at that election: let's get Brexit done", he said.

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      UK Needs to Give Definitive Answer on Brexit Deal as Soon as Possible, New Extension Cannot Be Justified - French Foreign Minister

    • 13:26

      If Brexit Bill Has to Be Pulled, Elections Will Follow Soon - Johnson

      According to the PM, if lawmakers do not approve his accelerated three-day timetable for the Brexit bill, he will insist on a new election.

      Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Johnson told lawmakers that if they rejected the timetable, "the bill will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward to a general election".

    • 13:13

      Best Way to Avoid Brexit Issues is to Vote for Government's Deal - Johnson

      "Our European friends could not be clearer: the deal on the table is the one contained in this bill and the decision for this House is whether to ratify this deal rather than going round in circles in a futile attempt to construct a new one", he told parliament.

    • 12:38

      Government Will Push for New Elections Before Christmas if Parliament Rejects Brexit Deal - Reports

    • 12:25

      Johnson Reiterates UK Needs to Leave With Deal Before 31 October

    • 12:00

      Tory MP Kenneth Clarke Mulls Voting Against Government's Deal - Reports

    • 11:25

      PM Johnson is Open for Brexit Debate on Tuesday - Spokesman

    • 11:09

      Up to 30 Rebel Labour MPs May Support 2nd Reading of Brexit Deal - Reports

      Daniel McCrossan (centre), an SDLP Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, joins protesters on Lifford Bridge on 16 October 2019
      © Sputnik / Chris Summers
    • 10:21

      MP Boles Proposes Amendment Forcing Cabinet Seek Brexit Delay to December 2022

    • 10:16

      Labour to Vote Against 2nd Reading of Johnson's Deal - Reports

    • 08:53

      Brexit Enters 'Titanic Tuesday': What's in Boris Johnson's Withdrawal Bill?

      Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves the European Council after the Brexit-dominated European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium October 18, 2019.

      Brexit Enters 'Titanic Tuesday': What's in Boris Johnson's Withdrawal Bill?

      Along with the renegotiated Bill formally introduced by the British prime minister, there has come along a new fast-track scheme, with Johnson determined to finalise the debate and receive final approval for his initiative by as early as the end of this week.
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    • 08:33

      Government Probably Has Enough Votes to Pass Brexit Plan in 2nd Reading - BBC Editor

    • 08:30

      'Let's Move On' Johnson Could Scrap New Brexit Deal Now Amid Blockage by Bercow – Report

      Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers his inaugural outside Downing Street, in London, Great Britain.

      ‘Let’s Move On’ Johnson Could Scrap New Brexit Deal Now Amid Blockage by Bercow – Report

      On 21 October, UK Parliament speaker John Bercow blocked the government’s attempt to vote on a new Brexit deal that Prime Minister Johnson recently negotiated with the EU. Despite Parliament having ordered to request a delay, Johnson still insists on leaving the EU by the 31 October deadline, with or without a deal.
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    • 07:40

      Donald Tusk Continues Brexit Consultations in Brussels, Decision Expected in Next Few Days

    • 07:37

      EU Has Done Everything to Ensure Orderly Brexit - Juncker

    • 07:11

      Labour Leader Corbyn Calls Johnson's Brexit Plan 'Sell-Out Deal', Vows to Oppose It

    Live Updates: Brexit Drama Continues After Parliament Speaker Blocks Vote on PM Johnson's Deal
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