16:51 GMT21 October 2020
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    Final Countdown? UK, EU Strike Brexit Deal (28)

    The text of a new deal still needs the approval of the UK and the EU parliaments.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says his country and the EU have reached a 'great new' Brexit deal.

    ​President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has confirmed that a deal was reached. 

    The sides have been negotiating the legal text of a new Brexit deal. However, it still needs to be approved by both the UK and European parliaments.

    The UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Johnson has reached "an even worse deal than Theresa May's, which was overwhelmingly rejected." Corbyn believes that the best way to "get Brexit sorted" is to hold another public vote to let the people have their final say. However, he said he did not expect a second vote to be on the agenda of the parliament's meeting on Saturday. 

    According to EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, Northern Ireland will comply with some EU rules on goods and will remain in the UK customs territory. 

    Meanwhile, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has said that its previous statement remains unchanged despite the news that a deal has been reached. DUP leader Arlene Foster said earlier that her party cannot support a deal that will keep Northern Ireland in the EU customs union. 

    Johnson's previous Brexit draft plan suggested that Northern Ireland would leave the EU customs union with the rest of the UK after the transition period ends. However, the idea was rejected by both the DUP and the EU. 

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    • 16:42

      'I Regret Brexit Deeply But Respect Sovereign Choice of a Majority in UK' - EU's Barnier

    • 16:39

      Our Goals as Ireland Have Been Met - Irish PM Varadkar

      According to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, an updated Brexit deal says there will be no checks on the land border. "Our goals as Ireland have been met," Varadkar said as quoted by Reuters. 

    • 16:30

      EU's Juncker Says He is 'Happy and Relieved' That Brexit Deal is Reached

      Reuters has quoted President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, who said that he is "happy and relieved that we reached a deal but sad because Brexit is happening."

    • 14:59

      EU Approves Deal on Brexit, Says It Will Take Effect on 1 November

      27 EU states have approved an updated Brexit deal and agreed that it would come into force from 1 November, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk said.

      "Now ball is in the UK's court, I have no idea what the result of the House of Commons debate on Saturday will be," Tusk added as cited by Reuters.  

    • 14:58

      Brexit Deal Delivers Priorities of Irish Government - Irish Finance Minister

      Talking about a Brexit extension would be profoundly unhelpful if the deal is rejected by the UK parliament, Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said, as quoted by Reuters.

      Donohoe added that the Brexit deal won't change Ireland's draft budget for 2020.

    • 13:24

      There Will Be No Extension to Britain's Departure from the EU - European Commission President

    • 13:06

      Von Der Leyen Says New Deal Is 'A Good Starting Point for Future Negotiations, Future Relationship Between UK and EU'

    • 12:59

      UK Lawmakers Agree to Discuss, Vote on Brexit Deal in Special Sitting on Saturday

      Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives a closing speech at the Conservative Party annual conference in Manchester, Britain, October 2, 2019.

      UK PM Johnson Hails ‘Great New Deal' on Brexit, Urges MPs to Ratify it at ‘Super Saturday’ Sitting

      UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his country and Brussels have reached a “great new” Brexit deal, the text of which still needs the approval of the UK and the EU parliaments, against the backdrop of the crunch EU summit and with the fast approaching 31 October withdrawal deadline.
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    • 12:22

      Brexit Deal Could Take Effect on 1 November - Draft EU Summit Conclusions

      The European Union leaders will agree later in the day that the new Brexit deal with the UK should come into force from 1 November, Reuters reports, quoting a draft of the summit's decision.

    • 12:19

      German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas Comments on New Brexit Deal

    • 12:13

      UK Government Departed From Principle That These Arrangement Must Be Subject to Consent of Both Unionists and Nationalists in Northern Ireland - DUP

      Anti-Brexit billboards are seen on the northern side of the border between Newry, in Northern Ireland, and Dundalk, in the Republic of Ireland, on Wednesday, July 18, 2018.

      Northern Ireland's DUP: 'We Cannot Support Brexit Deal As it Stands'

      Earlier, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has pledged to stop any Brexit deal that keeps Northern Ireland in the EU Customs Union.
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    • 11:44

      French President Macron Tells BBC Editor He Is 'Personally Satisfied That We've Succeeded in Finding the Deal'

    • 11:39

      UK PM Will Reportedly Tell EU Leaders It's This Deal or No Deal But No Delays

      UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will tell EU leaders it is this deal or no deal but no delays, and that he would not ask for an extension and won't accept one if offered, Reuters has reported, citing a source in the UK. 

    • 11:29

      UK Pro-Brexit Lawmaker Duncan Smith Says There Are Some Issues With Political Declaration

      "There are some issues I have already spotted in the political declaration. I am reserving my position on this," Duncan said as quoted by Reuters.

    • 11:19

      Pound Jumps On New Brexit Deal News

      The pound has jumped after a new Brexit deal was agreed between the UK and EU. It was up by more than 1% against the dollar, and also rose against the euro. 

    • 11:10

      'Deal Worth Supporting Because It Protects Core Irish Interests' - Irish Foreign Minister

    • 10:54

      European Commission Publishes Text of New Brexit Deal

      The European Commission has published the 64-page new Brexit deal recently agreed by the UK and the EU.

      The text is available on its website

    • 10:50

      UK Opposition SNP Leader Sturgeon Says Party Will Not Vote for New Brexit Deal

      "For Scotland, this deal would take us out of EU, single market and customs union - all against our will. It would leave us as only part of UK being taken out without consent and with no say on future relationship. @theSNP will not vote for that," Sturgeon tweeted.

    • 10:47

      Brexit Party Leader Farage Says Johnson's Deal is Not Brexit

      Mr Farage said that he would prefer a Brexit delay and a general election rather than having the parliament pass Johnson's deal.

    • 10:42

      Finnish PM Says Ball is Now in UK Parliament's Court, Hopes Brexit Deal Can Get Through This Time

    • 10:39

      'It's a Really Good, Exciting Deal Which Takes Out the Undemocratic Backstop' - Leader of UK House of Commons Rees-Mogg

      Mr Rees-Mogg added that if the motion is passed, it will satisfy the requirements of the Benn Act. 

    • 10:36

      UK PM's Spokeswoman Says Johnson Is Confident Deal Can Be Ratified by 31 Oct

      Boris Johnson's spokeswoman added that the prime minister has the support of his cabinet. She added that members of parliament have a chance to back a deal that guarantees that the UK leaves the EU in an orderly way. 

    • 10:33

      UK PM Says Deal Gets Rid of Backstop

    • 10:30

      Johnson Says 'We Will Leave the EU's Cutoms Union as One United Kingdom'

    Live Updates: UK Prime Minister Says a 'Great New' Brexit Deal is Done
    Final Countdown? UK, EU Strike Brexit Deal (28)
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