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    Michael Sheen Claims Welsh Home Town Is 'British Area 51' After UFO Sightings

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    Star actor Michael Sheen is known for both his theatre and film appearances, notably playing former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in a trilogy of TV films: the Deal, the Queen, and The Special Relationship as well as television broadcaster David Frost in the dramatisation Frost/Nixon.

    Famous actor Michael Sheen has said he believes Port Talbot in Wales to be a hotspot for extra terrestrials, calling it the British Area 51, after he saw UFOs flying over the area, according to The Daily Star.

    Speaking on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast which was posted on Wednesday, he outlined a sighting he had of what he believes to be an alien spacecraft: "I think Port Talbot, where I come from, is on some weird alien map. It's like some sort of lay-by. The lady who lived next door - who was a very respectable lady and wouldn't make up stories - told us that one morning she was in the kitchen which overlooked the back garden," he said.

    "She said she was standing there making a coffee and a flying saucer came down and hovered over her back garden and then went. Of course, you think that's nonsense but she was a very serious lady."

    Sheen continued saying that both he and his dad also experienced strange events in the area: "One day I was coming home from school. I got off the school bus and I was walking up my street. I was just about to turn up the path to my house and coming round the mountain [near his house] was a formation of lights," added Sheen.

    "I stood there looking at it thinking 'this is going to be some sort of weird reflection. There was a formation of some things coming round and going out across the sea then disappearing," added the actor.

    "And then years later on New Year's Eve - not that long ago, about five years ago - my dad, who had not had a drink that night, went up to bed.He said he saw a light in the sky. My dad is a character but is not someone who would make this up," claimed Sheen.

    "He said he saw a thing in the sky with lights going around it - it was there for ages then it shot off. I think Port Talbot is some kind of hub," he added.

    Host Richard Herring then joked saying that "People in Port Talbot maybe haven't seen a helicopter before - could it be that?"

    Sheen replied in jest and said "That is entirely possible."

    The 50-year old star grew up in the Welsh town before going on to make an acting career with hits such as Frost/Nixon, The Damned United, and The Queen.

    Port Talbot has a population of just 37,000 and is located seven miles east of Swansea

    The comments by Sheen follow "Alienstock", a Facebook event turned music festival, originally titled "Storm Area 51" which went viral and attracted two million people across the world. Many arrived at a US Air Force facility on 20 September in search of aliens.

    The festival was later cancelled due to security concerns.

    Area 51 is a US Air Force facility in Nevada which has been the centre of theories surrounding aliens and alien technology due to its top secret and high security status.


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