04:36 GMT31 May 2020
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    Political Turmoil in UK as Boris Johnson Struggles to Deliver Brexit (58)

    On Friday, UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would use his "powers of persuasion" to win a new Brexit deal at the 17 October EU summit. His announcement came after Labour and other opposition parties had agreed not to support Johnson's demand for a general election before the summit.

    Protesters have been taking to the streets of London to rally in support of Brexit, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and activist Tommy Robinson. The demonstration was organised by the "Democratic Football Lads Alliance" group.

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    At the same time, another protest - "Demand Democracy: Johnson Out! #StopTheCoup" has begun in London. The first "stop the coup" protest took place in several UK cities last week after Johnson announced his decision to suspend parliament.

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      Pro- and Anti-Brexit Protesters Clash During Rallies in London

      Some of the protesters taking part in pro- and anti-Brexit rallies in central London have clashed outside the UK parliament building. 

      A pro-Brexit demonstration organised by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) brought together some 200 people, while an anti-Brexit ‘March for Change’ rally attracted much bigger crowds, RT reported. 

      Members of the DFLA march reportedly approached the March for Change rally and began shouting, and later a can was thrown at the anti-Brexit marchers, prompting police to intervene. 

      Police remain at the scene as the groups continue their respective rallies. 

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      People Take Part in "StopTheCoup" Rally in London

      A participant at StopTheCoup rally in London
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      Protests in London against PM Boris Johnson
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      Protests in London against PM Boris Johnson
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      Protesters Gather in Berlin for "Stop the Coup" Event to Oppose No-Deal Brexit

      Dozens of people are taking part in a demonstration organised by a group called "Stop the Coup" in central Berlin to protest against the UK's withdrawal from the EU without a deal, Reuters reported.

      The protesters have collected signatures for a petition they are going to deliver to Britain's ambassador to Germany later on Saturday.

      "This calculated prorogation of parliament is a threat to British democracy, causing a constitutional crisis at a time of national crisis," the petition letter reads.

    Political Turmoil in UK as Boris Johnson Struggles to Deliver Brexit (58)
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