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    Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's former chief strategist, talks about the approaching midterm election during an interview with The Associated Press, Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018, in Washington

    Bannon Warns Boris: Beware of London Bureaucracy Blocking No-Deal Brexit

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    Boris Johnson promised to take the UK out of the EU without a deal if it means getting Parliament have however rejected the idea of leaving the EU without a deal but will also rejected the previous governments withdrawal agreement.

    Former White House advisor to President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon delivered a warning to new Prime Minister Boris Johnson while talking to Radio 4 on, saying that the London civil service and bureaucracy will attempt to hinder plans to exit the EU without a deal.

    Mr Bannon described the agreements as reaching what he calls the "red zone", borrowing a football term.

    He claimed that the European will refuse to move deal offered to Theresa May, daring Johnson to show "true leadership".

    “Here we are three years later on Brexit and you’re still not out. And now you have a hard deadline on October 31st," he added.

    Bannon went on to say that he thought it was "inevitable that someone like Boris" would take leadership over the process following Theresa May's failure to implement Brexit.

    He continued, explaining that the EU was now "dug in" to the 31st October deadline and that the UK must leave with or without a deal by that date

    “I have said from the beginning a no-deal hard out is the way to go... but there’s a civil service with the bureaucracy in London prepared to do that? I don’t think so."

    Boris's Brexit Conundrum

    Parliamant has so far declared it's opposition to no-deal as well as thrice voting down Johnson's predecessor Theresa May's withdrawal agreement (WA)

    The withdrawal agreement secured under the May government includes a backstop which maintains the UK in temporary alignment with EU rules and regulations but legally out of the EU. 

    The backstop supposedly prevents the erection of a hard-border in Northern Ireland by keeping that part of the UK in the EU Customs Union and aspects of the Single Market, this further separating Northern Ireland and rest of the UK - an unacceptable situation for unionist governments on either side of the Irish Sea.

    Mr Johnson has so far refused to meet with any EU leaders until they agree to remove of the Irish backstop from the agreement.

    The PM previously slammed the deal, even resigning from his role as foreign secretary in May's cabinet last year in response.

    He described the deal as reducing Britain to "the status of colony."

    Bannon was the White House strategist for President Trump until 2017 when he was removed from his position by the president. He is credited as being a leading member of the "alt-right" movement and has previously attempted to put together a European-wide electoral alliance of nationalists and eurosceptic parties.

    He and Boris were previously accused last month of being in an alliance following the revelation of an exchange of texts between the two during President Trumps visit to the UK in 2018.

    Bannon's cautions seem to align with his theory of the "deep state"; the unelected interests or "shadow government" which he claims have impeded the Trump presidency and are now trying to prevent Brexit.


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