17:34 GMT01 March 2021
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    63-year-old Martin Hughes-Games worked on the BBC’s nature series Springwatch for 12 years before he lost his job in 2018. According to him, it was his race and age that cost him his career, leading him to slam the British broadcaster’s take on its diversity policy.

    Presenter Martin Hughes-Games, who dedicated 12 years of his career to the BBC’s nature series Springwatch, expressed his belief that he lost his job as a result of his former employer’s attempts to make its host team more diverse.

    “I think the commissioner’s a bit grumpy with me, because I’m white, middle-class, old-aged… who wants me on their show? I’m an endangered species. Let’s hope that conservation efforts keep me going, rather than going extinct”, he told The Telegraph, adding that there are “white, middle class, old-aged presenters who are actually quite good at their jobs”.

    The 63-year-old, who is now busy at home with his young son, parted with the BBC once and for all in 2018. Beginning two years prior to his layoff, he was being kept in a revised role on the show. He first announced that he had lost his job in 2016, but the BBC changed its mind after numerous fans complained.

    Although the host recently starred in an ITV documentary titled Counting Tigers: A Survival Special, he admitted that it is still “very, very difficult” emotionally for him to watch his former show and old colleagues, Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham, to whom he feels very close “both professionally and emotionally”.

    His confession has left the netizens split, as some felt sorry for Hughes-Games leaving the show, while others doubted his remarks.

    There were those who were sceptical about the story or mocked the presenter.

    ​However, many slammed the BBC for its HR-policy.


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