13:14 GMT30 May 2020
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    The Swedish prosecutor ruled that the man, who threw a pair of headphones at the star rapper's bodyguard, acted in self-defence.

    The investigation against the man previously reported to the police for allegedly assaulting A$AP Rocky's bodyguard has been closed.

    The prosecutor who investigated the complaint lodged by the rapper's bodyguard, ruled that the man acted in self-defence when he threw a pair of headphones at him, as seen in a video posted by A$AP Rocky on Instagram shortly before his arrest.

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    “The event begins with the [bodyguard] repeatedly asking the person to leave the site. When he doesn't, the [bodyguard] first pushes him away, and then grips the other's neck and lifts him a few metres. At this point, the person throws his headphones at the [bodyguard] and tries to deal out punches, which may be considered within the right to self-defence”, preliminary investigator and prosecutor Daniel Suneson explained to the newspaper Expressen.

    Unlike Rocky, the man was not arrested, while the complaint against him was being investigated. Lawyer Magnus Strömberg described his client as “exposed and under pressure”, adding that he “felt bad”.

    Previously, many people, including crime novelist and criminology professor Leif GW Persson, have been critical of the Swedish judicial system for failing to address the complaints against the man.

    A$AP Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) has been detained on suspicion of assault since 5 July. Rocky and his entourage were involved a street brawl on 30 June during their stay in Stockholm. The rapper himself claimed he was stalked by “some drug addicts”, while posting a video showing a heated exchange of words with a group of people of non-Swedish descent. A person from his entourage claimed they had been provoked and had “no choice but to defend themselves”.

    The detention has sparked outrage both internationally and in Sweden. Over 600,000 people have signed a petition to release the rapper, whereas several artists have even pledged to boycott Sweden.

    The US rap star is set to remain in Swedish custody until 25 July as the police probe into the fight in downtown Stockholm continues.

    Meanwhile, the Rocky case has reached the highest echelons of power, with US President Donald Trump discussing the case with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. While Trump personally vouched for the rap star and called for his release, Löfven stressed that in Sweden everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and that the Swedish government cannot and will not influence prosecutors and courts.

    ​The star's mother also recently entered the debate.

    “Let our boys go free, let these young men come home again. Forget about this situation. It was a completely unnecessary case. To begin with, they have tried to build a case, but there is no case. Everything is on film. They tried to avoid it but were still stalked and harassed”, Renee Black told Expressen. “You know, just wrinkle it together and throw it in the trash. Because that's what it is. Trash”.

    In a previous interview with the US news outlet TMZ, she contended that Sweden used “the boys” to set an example. When confronted about whether skin colour had something to do with the case, she said she didn't want “to play the race card”. Still, she added “if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it's a duck”.


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