18:06 GMT13 July 2020
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    Prince Laurent of Belgium answered a call on his mobile during celebrations to mark the country's 188 years of independence. The fact that the royal took a call during the national anthem angered his wife, Princess Claire of Belgium, and she touched her husband's arm to show him that his behaviour was inappropriate.

    The royal couple, Prince Laurent of Belgium and his wife, Princess Claire, were sitting on throne-like chairs during a ceremony to celebrate 188 years of the country's independence on Sunday when the Prince took out his mobile phone and even answered a call.

    The Princess looked annoyed at her husband answering a call during the national anthem and touched his arm in an attempt to end his conversation.

    The incident did not go unnoticed on social media.

    ​According to the Daily Mail, it was not the first time that Prince Laurent has stirred controversy - last year he had a 15% cut in his monthly allowance for attending a reception at Chinese embassy without government permission, but dressed in naval uniform.  

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