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    The famous Elizabeth Tower in the UK Houses of Parliament, which contains the Great Bell, known as Big Ben.

    Motion to Block Proroguing Parliament 'Another Attempt by MPs to Ignore People's Will' – Analyst

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    With MPs in the House of Commons having passed an amendment to make it difficult for Britain’s next Prime Minister to prorogue parliament in order to deliver a no-deal Brexit, the future of the UK’s departure from the bloc remains uncertain.

    Former mayor of London Boris Johnson, who remains the favourite to replace Theresa May in Number Ten Downing Street, has of course been proclaiming that he would ensure that ties with the EU are severed by the Halloween deadline date, should he win the Conservative Party’s leadership race. Michael Swadling from the Croydon Constitutionalists reflects on whether there are any chances of this to happen and what a no-deal Brexit would mean for the UK. 

    Sputnik: What do you make of MPs attempting to prevent the next Prime Minister from pro-rouging parliament?

    Michael Swadling: It’s another example of MPs looking to ignore the will of the people, tie the hands of parliament, prove that they lied on their manifestos in the 2017 election, it’s a long and unfortunately very sad journey to our MPs; the people we pay to represent us, who we pay to uphold our democracy, just simply ignoring it.

    Why are they against a no-deal Brexit? They are globalists; I think many do not believe in the nation-state, they do not believe in Britain, they don’t have the confidence of the people who elected them, unfortunately, they’ve proven themselves to be a bunch of liars.

    Sputnik: Could a no-deal Brexit still be possible?

    Michael Swadling: I think they absolutely could still go for a no-deal position. This motion isn’t yet law; it was passed in the House of Commons, it has not yet received royal assent, there are stages to go through that could yet scupper it.

    MPs may not at the final moment vote against no deal; I think many MPs will look over the precipice of ignoring their electorate completely, and angering their electorate to the extent that the Brexit Party and other things may frankly destroy the Commons.

    The executives have huge amounts of power in terms of foreign relations, and there’s an awful lot that Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt could do to ensure that we leave the EU on the 31st of October.

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    Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and his successor in the post Jeremy Hunt are currently vying for Conservative Party leader following Theresa May's resignation announcement.

    Nobody ever said that the UK particularly wants a no-deal; what everybody wants is a managed leaving of the EU, and that’s managed leaving as a free and independent nation, which the withdrawal agreement wasn’t, if the EU changed the withdrawal agreement that gets us nowhere, if they just sat down and said you’re a free and sovereign nation, let’s talk sensible terms, then we can get somewhere.

    Sputnik: Do you think the appointment of Ursula von der Leyen as European Commission Chief vindicates the British public’s Brexit decision?

    Michael Swadling: It’s an appointment; we didn’t elect the President of Europe, we don’t know what manifesto she ran on, I don’t know where I can run to get rid of her, it’s an appointment, the EU is not a democracy and it’s really important to underline that.

    It’s the very nature of her appointment, regardless of what she said because frankly, every Eurocrat will say the same thing, these are people determined to create a United States of Europe, they are attempting to create an undemocratic United States of Europe, and her appointment really does prove that.

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