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    Backlash as Topless Sunbathers in Munich Ordered to Cover Up Amid Scorching Heat

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    Germany only allows nudity in designated areas, of which there are six in Munich. An ordinance on naked swimming applies to the rest of the city, demanding that people must wear swimwear.

    As Germans have been making a bee line for lakes and pools to seek respite from the sweltering heatwave gripping Europe, a group of Munich’s topless women sunbathing on the banks of Isar River over the weekend were accosted by security guards, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

    The affronted women were ordered to cover up their breasts, while other sunbathers were outraged at the clampdown and discarded their bikini tops, baring their breasts in solidarity.

    Whether it was the divisive matter of nudity itself, or the soaring temperatures adding to the torment, but passions flared to such a degree that the issue is now being debated by political parties.

    While city dwellers, overwhelmed by the stifling heat, and piqued social media users were divided over the issue, the Green Party took the issue to Munich’s city council.

    The Greens’ Dominik Krause insisted:

    “It’s incomprehensible if men can lie in the sun topless but not women.”

    On the opposing side of the nudity debate, the Christian Social Union (CSU) introduced an urgent motion Wednesday calling for the bathing costume statutes of Munich to be reviewed “to the effect that bathing costumes must completely cover” the breasts and genitals.

    Germany allows nudity only in designated areas, of which there are six in Munich, while the rest of the city falls under an ordinance on naked swimming that requires people to wear swimwear.

    The nudity issue soon took centre stage on Twitter, with locals complaining they thought Munich “stood for tolerance”. Many said they were disgusted that women were not allowed to go topless in the extreme heat, and some derided Germany for having becoming too ‘prudish’.


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