17:30 GMT25 January 2020
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    Passengers flying aboard an ALK Airlines flight to France received the shock of a lifetime over the weekend after a sudden and frighteningly violent spell of turbulence struck the plane mid-flight.

    Brief video footage recorded and later shared by traveler Mirjeta Basha captures passengers already shrieking before the plane is violently shaken, which ultimately sends a flight attendant and her beverage cart flying toward the plane’s ceiling.

    Cups, straws, napkins and drinks eventually land on several nearby passengers, who are visibly shaken by the experience. Travelers captured on video are seen and heard praying after the jolt, as others can be heard crying out.

    According to ABC7, several travelers were injured during the Sunday episode, many of whom were burned by hot water that was being carried on the beverage cart. Basha told media outlets that her husband was one of 10 individuals who were transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries.

    The flight, which was headed to France’s EuroAirport in Basel, reportedly experienced turbulence some 30 minutes after taking off from Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, according to Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten.

    Fellow passenger Idriz Brahimj told the outlet that he suffered a concussion when the Boeing 737-300 dramatically lost altitude, causing his head to strike the compartment above him. “I think I was unconscious for a brief moment,” he said.

    “The doctor told me it could have been a lot worse,” Brahimj added. “I was strapped in and the seatbelt was torn. That should not have happened.”

    Aviation Voice reported the turbulence hit the plane as the pilots attempted to maneuver around an “isolated active thunderstorm cell” over South Tyrol.

    A similar incident occurred earlier this year when a Delta flight from Southern California encountered severe turbulence during its travels to Seattle, Washington. The experience resulted in three passengers aboard the February 2019 flight being transported to a hospital.

    ​All 59 passengers aboard the Delta flight received refunds for their tickets, NBC News reported at the time. "Delta is making resources available to take care of and support our customers," the airline told the outlet.


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