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    European Parliament Elections 2019 (33)
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Brexit Party is currently in the process of selecting candidates for seats in the European Parliament after the party’s victory at the European elections, as well as setting out a mandate for the next general election in the United Kingdom, Richard Wood, the party’s member, said on Monday.

    "We did pretty well. Now they still do not comprehend that we are already in the process of selecting our candidates and setting out our Mandate for the general elections should they continue to fail on the full Brexit," Wood said.

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    Sputnik has also been informed that Wood may be on the list of potential candidates for a seat in the European Parliament. By topping the polls, the Brexit Party secured 29 seats in the European Parliament.

    The newly created Brexit Party of Nigel Farage came out on top with 31.7 percent of the UK vote so far, while the Conservatives won only 8.7 percent. Farage has already pledged to win the next general election if the Conservatives fail to implement Brexit by October 31.

    Farage registered the Brexit Party in February after leaving UKIP in December over disagreements with the party's Brexit approach. In April, Farage said that he would use the European elections as a launch pad for his party to fight for changes in the UK political system, which failed to deliver the country's exit from the European Union.

    European Parliament Elections 2019 (33)


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