08:28 GMT31 May 2020
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    LONDON (Sputnik) - The UK Conservative government is likely to fight the opposition's demand for general elections after Prime Minister Theresa May's resignation in June as the vote may turn fatal for them, General Secretary of the UK Communist Party Robert Griffiths told Sputnik.

    "The chances are they will get badly beaten and the great unknown quantity, of course, is the impact a Brexit-type party would have on the Tory vote. I wouldn't see the Brexit party winning a huge number of seats, but it could certainly do fatal damage in Tory voting seats", Griffiths said, adding that it would be political suicide for the government to agree to Labour's call for snap elections.

    However, the situation is not optimistic for the Labour Party either, Griffiths has noted, stressing that the Brexit Party is a huge threat for them too. Even if general elections are scheduled as Corbyn wants, the Labour is unlikely to secure a majority government, according to Griffiths.

    "I think a general election is the next logical step, and then it's a question of how Labour will fight in that election. If their manifesto includes a second referendum, I think that will put an end to any prospect of a majority Labour government – they might scrape through with a minority and then be dependent on [Liberal Democrats] support, which would put an end to their ability to put forward many left of center policies", the politician said.

    However, adopting a stronger pro-Brexit position may help Labour succeed, Griffiths believed.

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    "On the other hand, if Labour stand for renegotiation and make a new agreement with the EU that would allow them to implement a manifesto free of EU objectives and directives then there is a chance they could enjoy a majority Labour government", Griffiths explained.

    Earlier in the day, May announced in an emotional farewell that she would resign as the Tories party chief on June 7. Soon after that, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called via Twitter on "whoever becomes the new Tory leader" to organise general elections in the country.

    According to the polls on yesterday's elections in the European Parliament, the Brexit party remains in the lead, with both the Labour and Conservative parties struggling to compete. The final results are to be released on Sunday.

    May's decision to resign came after her fourth unsuccessful attempt to win parliament approval for the modified Brexit bill.


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