18:18 GMT12 June 2021
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    A man and two women were found dead with arrows in their bodies and two crossbows in a room of a picturesque hotel in Bavaria popular among hikers. Investigators will now seek to reconstruct how the events in the peaceful resort unfolded and find out whether this was a collective suicide or murder.

    Two more bodies have been found at the home of one of the victims in the crossbow killing, Passau Prosecutor's Office reports. The gruesome discovery, two dead women, was made in Lower Saxony, in an apartment belonging to a 30-year-old woman found in the same room as a 33-year-old woman and 53-year-old man in a Bavarian hotel over the weekend.

    German police are hoping that an autopsy will shed light on a tragedy in a Bavarian hotel where three guests were found dead with arrows in them and two crossbows lying beside their bodies, local broadcaster B24 reports. The probe will seek to find out how the two women and the man met their demise.

    While it was earlier reported that investigators do not suspect that a fourth person was involved and believe that the incident may have been suicide, the precise chain of the events that led to the deaths still needs to be established. According to Lower Bavaria’s Police Chief Josef Eckl, authorities are probing all possible leads. 

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    The gruesome finding in a hotel popular among hikers in the outskirts of Passau was made by a maid who entered to clean the room. The Bavarian newspaper Merkur reports that the man and one of the women were lying hand in hand on a bed with numerous wounds. The second woman was found in a pool of blood on the floor.

    The three arrived in the evening the day before the tragedy and reportedly wanted to stay three nights without breakfast. Merkur cites a hotel guest as saying that they were “a strange group"; the older man looked very serious in his suit and white beard, while the two women were dressed in black. The trio wished the hotel staff a "good evening", took water and coke, and went upstairs to the second floor. Nobody noticed anything unusual during the night.


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