15:20 GMT29 September 2020
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    SAS pilots went on strike on Friday amid a deadlock in talks on wages, as the company has been cutting costs in a move to compete with regional low-cost airlines such as Norwegian Air and Ryanair.

    The head of Scandinavian airline SAS has called on negotiators to examine possible options for bringing an end to disruptions in the work of the air company caused by a pilot strike, which entered its fourth day.

    The CEO of the airline, Rickard Gustafson, told Reuters that the pilot walkout had negatively impacted the company's business, which is part-owned by the governments of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

    "We simply have to put an end to this conflict. It is deeply damaging to the company, and it erodes our customers' confidence in the company", Gustafson said in an interview. "I have instructed our negotiation team to continue to work on (our proposals) and see what more we can do to find constructive solutions within reason. We also need to survive after the conflict", he added.

    Neither SAS, nor unions in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have reached out to protesters or scheduled any new talks, both the company and the unions revealed.

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    SAS pilots in the three nations went on strike following failed talks over wages, careers and work schedules. The protesters have grounded nearly 70 percent of the air carrier's flights, affecting about 280,000 passengers. According to a Swedish union, pilots were demanding a 13 percent pay rise.


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