11:14 GMT11 August 2020
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    The candidate insisted that one shouldn’t be constantly “threatened and terrorised” into backing away from a free speech position, noting, however, that certain things should not exist online due to them being illegal.

    During a recent interview on Chopper’s Brexit Podcast, Brexit Party candidate Claire Fox offered her take about free speech on the internet when the host asked her whether she thinks that "Jihadi videos" or child pornography should be banned from the internet.

    "I do not want to give the state and the authorities the right to ban things on the Internet. No ‘ifs’", Fox said. "It’s important to not constantly be threatened and terrorised into backing off from a free speech position because vile people use that speech and abuse that speech to say or do a horrible thing".

    ​Commenting on her remarks, The Telegraph interpreted Fox as saying that "the government should not ban people from watching child porn and Jihadi videos online", even though she pointed out that she thinks "pornography itself is illegal and therefore it wouldn’t exist".

    In response, a number of social media users criticised the newspaper for its take on the situation and voiced their support for Fox.

    ​Some, however, seemed inclined to agree with The Telegraph.


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