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    23th week of Yellow Vests protests. 20 April 2019

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    Yellow Vests demonstrators are taking to streets for the 23rd round of protests that have been rocking the county since mid-November. A major demonstration is set to take place in the capital city of Paris.

    The police have warned protesters to stay away from the Notre Dame cathedral area Saturday in the wake of a deadly blaze that erupted there on Monday.

    That same day, President Emmanuel Macron was supposed to unveil measures to quell the protests, but had to cancel the announcement due to the Notre Dame tragedy.

    The French president is yet to reveal a new date for his address.

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    These protests that initially erupted over a government plan to raise fuel taxes, have been ongoing in the country since mid-November. The authorities subsequently abandoned their fuel tax increase and have since provided several other concessions, but the Yellow Vests continue to gather in cities across France.

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    • 19:53

      Number of Protesters Across France Rises to 27,900

      The French Interior Ministry has updated the number of people taking part in the Sunday rally, saying that the total number of protesters amounts to 27,900, with some 9,000 protesting in Paris.

      23th week of Yellow Vests protests. 20 April 2019
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    • 19:03

      'Humans More Important Than Stones': Protesters Grieve Notre Dame Blaze, But Say There are More Important Problems on the Table

      According to the protesters, one of the main impetuses of today's protest is the situation around the recent blaze in Notre Dame. Although most of the protesters are saddened by Monday's incident, they think that the authorities are out of touch with the problem of the poor and the reconstruction of the historic site isn't the only problem France needs to solve.

      "I think what happened at Notre Dame is a great tragedy but humans should be more important than stones. And if humans had a little bit more money, they too could help finance the reconstruction work at Notre Dame. I find this disgusting," protester Jose Fraile told the Associated Press.

      Yellow Vests protestors set scooters on fire
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    • 17:39

      At Least 2 Injured During Yellow Vest Rallies in Paris, Protesters Burning Down Cars

      Protesters taking part in yellow vest demonstrations in Paris on Saturday started to burn down cars on the streets, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

      The supporters of the so-called Black Bloc movement are setting cars and dumpsters on fire in the vicinity of Boulevard Jules Ferry.

      According to the correspondent, at least two people have been injured during the Saturday demonstrations in Paris.


      Yellow Vests protest in Paris 20 April 2019
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    • 17:14

      Nearly 10,000 People Protest Across France

      According to the French Interior Ministry, some 9,600 people are taking part in the protests across France, with 6,700 of them rallying just in Paris.

      Yellow Vests protest in Paris 20 April 2019
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    • 16:58

      More Than 100 Arrested Amid Protests

      As of 15:00 (13:00 GMT) police have arrested 110 protesters, while the authorities have called on people to "dissociate themselves from violent groups" attacking the police and burning garbage, and scooters.

      Yellow vests protestors set scooters on fire
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    • 14:45

      Protesters Start Burning Garbage

      23th week of Yellow Vests protests. 20 April 2019
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    • 14:31

      Protesters Attack Police With Substance Resembling Excrement

      According to a Sputnik correspondent, the local police used tear gas against protesters after the latter threw bottles at them with a substance resembling excrement.

    • 14:23

      Protesters Attempt to March to Elysee Palace

      French AFP news agecy reported that a group of about 200 protesters attempted to march on the president's Elysee Palace in central Paris, but riot police blocked them at the Madeleine Church.

      23 week of Yellow Vests protests. 20 April 2019
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    • 13:42

      Tens of Thousands of Police Officers, Gendarmes Deployed to Maintain Order

      It has been reported that some 60,000 police officers and gendarmes have been deployed to maintain order during the protests. At the same time, at least 70 people have already been arrested so far.

      BFMTV broadcaster reported citing the Paris police that protesters were arrested mostly for carrying "prohibited objects."

    • 13:33

      Police Reportedly Use Tear Gas Against Protesters

      Police have reportedly used tear gas against the protesters, who have gathered at the Gare du Nord.

    • 13:31

      Planned Routes of the 23rd Protest

      One of the planned routes starts at Bercy Square and will head towards Republic Square. An additional meeting is scheduled to take place at the Basilica of Saint-Denis. Besides Paris, demonstrations are expected in Toulouse, Montpellier, and Bordeaux.


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