18:42 GMT15 July 2020
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    Former Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy stated that it is necessary to deploy nuclear weapons in the Balkans for preventive purposes. He expressed his opinion on air on Bulgarian National Television (BNT).

    "In general, it is necessary for the Balkans to have nuclear weapons. <…> But what we need now in Bulgaria are new naval bases. If nuclear weapons are deployed at these naval bases, this will really ensure peace of mind", Passy said.

    The ex-minister stressed that he is not an advocate of the use of nuclear weapons and "reassured" the public with the words that in the course of history, they have been "used only once".

    "Its only purpose is to provide protection; the only time it was used was against Japan — to end World War II. <…> Maybe the Second World War could have been stopped in a softer way, but somehow the Japanese refused everything else and the Americans had to say ‘if you don't want it the easy way, it'll be the hard way'", Passy said.

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    This is not the first time that the politician has advocated for the deployment of nuclear weapons in the Balkans.

    "We need nuclear weapons that guarantee peace the way they did it during the Cold War", the former minister said in March.


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